Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Exhausting arguments with Trump supporters...

Yesterday, I got into an argument with a conservative friend of mine.  This dude can't seem to resist arguing with me about Donald Trump.  Even though I know my friend is intelligent, he is doggedly determined to defend Trump's policies.  I've told him on more occasion that his arguments do nothing to change my mind about Trump.  I've been around awhile now... I remember back in high school, people were talking about what a dirtbag Trump is.  But he just keeps on pushing...

We were arguing over a news article I shared about the aftereffects of the current partial government shutdown.  My comment was: "Does Trump not understand that this will have a ripple effect? Creditors have bills to pay, too."

My Trump fan friend's response was "Does Congress?"  He then proceeded to blame Congress for Trump's temper tantrum.  If they'd just give in and give the orange man money for his wall, this could be history.  My friend, who is a federal employee who is not being paid right now, is in law enforcement and he thinks the wall is what we need to make America "safer".  Honestly, I don't think America will be safer with a wall.  Not when we have homegrown gun toting lunatics going around killing people willy nilly.  And I also think $5 billion could be spent on things people need for life... you know, like clean drinking water, electricity, shelter after hurricanes decimated homes, healthcare, upgraded infrastructure, etc.

Since I am six hours ahead of my Trump supporting friend, the argument continued overnight with some of my other America based Facebook pals.  Although he was both prolific and vociferous in his remarks, I was heartened to see that he was the only Trump supporter commenting.  That wouldn't have been the case a couple of years ago.

I was looking at my memories today and noticed another argument that erupted in 2017.  A female Trump supporter, who serves in the Army along with her husband, literally told me to "deal with it" when I commented on my fears of Trump as president.  She said the election was over and we all needed to embrace Donald Trump's leadership.  She cited his business acumen and the "beautiful" buildings he's erected around the world.  I could hardly believe what I was reading.  Here she was... a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Military Academy and a high ranking officer.  And she'd fallen for Trump's bullshit, hook, line, and sinker.  What's more, she was attempting to dictate to me what I can discuss on my social media.  I always find it a little sad when people in the military try to squelch freedom of expression.

I then explained that I feel free to discuss whatever I want to on my page.  If she doesn't like it, she can unfriend or unfollow.  Then she came back, upset, claiming that people think she's the "devil incarnate" for supporting Trump, which no one ever said.  I don't think she's the devil incarnate.  She's actually a pretty cool person.  But I think people who can't see the damage being wrought by Trump are either delusional or willfully ignorant.  Moreover, I don't care to argue with them about Trump.  It's a waste of time and energy.  Nothing anyone can say will change my mind about him.  In my opinion, he should have been disqualified by his misogynistic comments and actions, his many failed businesses and shady business practices, and the fact that he has zero experience as a government leader.  If Trump had been going for any other government position, he probably would not have been hired.

I do understand that Congress plays a part in whether or not budgets get passed.  I think there are probably people in Congress that would happily do whatever Trump wants.  Enough of them disagree with him that he's not getting money for his wall.  He refuses to cooperate with Congress, so we have this government standstill.  Right now, it doesn't affect everyone, but if it keeps up, there will be many ripple effects that will ultimately damage the United States.

I've never seen such a terrible excuse for a U.S. president.  I was born in the Nixon era, so I've seen a few administrations.  Trump's is by far the worst of all of them, because he truly doesn't care about anyone's interests but his own.  And yet, people still cheer for him.  His supporters still taunt his critics, sure that he'll be re-elected and we'll have to endure another six years of this shit.

I think what's happening is profoundly sad.  I am especially disappointed in some of the hateful things being said by Americans who are disappointed in Trump... not because he's ruining America, but because he's not "hurting" the right people.  This is a quote from another news article I read yesterday.

“I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” she said of Mr. Trump. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

Call me naive, but it seems very strange to me that regular people think our elected officials should be out to "hurt" others.  Elected people are honored with positions of trust to represent citizens.  They should be working together to serve the people who elected them and act in their best interests.  These stupid tantrums do nothing for the people other than cause divisiveness and hardship.  I really hope a resolution comes soon so things can get somewhat more normal...  And I'm grateful as hell that Bill did not take a job with the federal government.


  1. A generation from now and nobody will admit that they were once Trump supporters. It would be like having "flaming idiot" tatoo branded on your forehead.

    1. I suspect he could end up a joke, like Nixon.

  2. He is already a joke, but a really bad one. I was born the last year Truman was president. Eisenhower would have been labelled a "libtard" by the current Trump followers. The USFS is one of the biggest employers in my little rural county and they are all sitting at home twiddling their thumbs wondering if they will be getting back to work and getting a paycheck soon. It is starting to effect many local businesses.

    1. It will soon affect everyone. I was thinking about my cousin, a Trump supporter and professional musician. He makes his living entertaining people who have the money to go out and/or travel to Nashville. As this shutdown has trickle down effects, he may soon find business a bit slower.


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