Wednesday, December 5, 2018

RIP Jael Strauss...

I just read that 34 year old Jael Strauss, who was cast in Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model, died of stage four breast cancer yesterday.  Cycle 8 was kind of a special one for me.  It aired while Billwas in Iraq.  I watched it to keep my mind off of what could be happening to him.

Jael was memorable for having a big heart, even though her lifestyle was rather troubled.  A few years after ANTM, Dr. Phil staged an intervention for her because she was addicted to heroin.  But five years ago, she got sober and had seemingly turned her life around.  She got very sick in late September and was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in early October.

Apparently, the cancer had spread and doctors could do nothing to slow the progression of the illness.  Jael went on hospice and lasted just two months before she was gone.  I was sad to read the news, since she really did seem like a good person with a huge heart, despite her personal problems.  My heart goes out to her family and friends, whom I know will miss her.  I’m sure fellow Cyle 8 contestant, Renee Alway, will also be sad to hear this news.

I can’t write as much as I would like to about this, since I still don’t have a real Internet connection and am forced to type this on my iPad.  This lack of connectivity is cramping my style, since I also can’t do other things I usually do online.  For instance, I tried to update my banking info the other day with my new address, and they wanted to text me a code.  My phone number was also incorrect and I couldn’t update it, so now my account is blocked and I have to call the bank.  But I usually Skype via my computer...  I suppose I can call them on my cell.  Still, it’s a pain.

Anyway, my condolences to Jael’s friends, family, and fans.  I have been following her story and I found her a very sympathetic person.  I’m sad that she wasn’t able to stick around longer, especially since she clearly wasn’t ready to die.

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