Sunday, November 11, 2018

Death of an Osmond...

Yesterday, someone on the Recovery from Mormonism site posted that Merrill Osmond's son, Troy (popularly known as Dean), had died.  He was just 33 years old and was never married.  The cause of Troy's death hasn't yet been announced and may never be.  Some people are speculating about it, because 33 is quite old for a Mormon to be unmarried, especially if you come from a famous family like the Osmonds.  A couple of people posted that they hoped it wasn't a situation like the one that affected Marie Osmond's son, Michael, who committed suicide back in 2010.  Another poster wrote that the family has some congenital health problems and one of Troy's sisters had claimed that he died in his sleep of natural causes.  Here is his obituary.

Now... I want to make it clear that I am not among those who are speculating about why Mr. Osmond died.  I don't know anything about Troy Osmond.  The only thing I did manage to find out about him yesterday is that he was a very accomplished musician who taught music and had served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I also noted from a photo of him that he really inherited that classic Osmond look.  He had dark hair, dark eyes, and the same facial features I see in Jimmy, Marie, and Alan.  He seems to have taken after his late grandmother, Olive Osmond.

I also notice that a certain prolific RfM poster insisted more than once that Troy was married.  She based this assertion on a blurb she read about him on a site called "My Life".  A poster named "rainbow1" repeatedly corrected the insistent poster, saying that Troy wasn't married.  Finally, rainbow1 identified him or herself as a friend of the family's.  Given how tight knit the LDS church community can be, particularly in Utah, I believe people in the ex Mormon community when they say they know someone.  Even celebrities in the LDS church seem to be somewhat accessible, given the nature of the church.

"MyLife" is basically a Web site that scours public records and creates profiles for people.  I would never trust "My Life" as a source for information about anyone.  Why?  Because about ten years ago, I found a profile for Bill's ex wife on that site.  She was using Bill's younger daughter's name as her own, but the rest of the information was Ex's.  I don't know if she posted the profile, the younger daughter did, or if it was based on a fraudulent profile Ex made, but the information was clearly inaccurate.

I thought it was interesting that the poster on RfM kept reiterating that Troy Osmond must have been married, solely based on what she read on that site.  Even looking at it today, it appears to be scammy with entries that seem "auto-generated".  Indeed, "My Life" has had some legal issues because it was engaging in deceptive practices to get people pay for information, which turned out to be bogus.  Similar to, which sent emails to people baiting them to pay for access to the site to see "who was looking for them", MyLife was duping folks into paying for nothing and engaging in deceptive billing practices to boot.  You can also see that this site gets very low ratings on a site called ConsumerAffairs.

Anyway, it looks like the official news is out about this.  Merrill broke the news on Facebook, as did his brother, Jay.  And it looks like others are posting about it, too.  I'm sorry to read about Troy Osmond's death.  He sounds like a man I might have enjoyed knowing, if only because we shared a love of music.  I wish his family peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Troy Osmond played the organ.  He was very gifted.


  1. So very sad for the Osmond's family .
    I give my most deepest of sympathy to them all .
    I pray peace and strength to them .

    1. Yes, he was obviously much loved by his friends and family, and too young to die.

  2. I went to high school with Troy. I can tell you that he was truly remarkable. He could lift you up if you were having a bad day (week) with his kind and encouraging words. The world is better place because he made it so.

    1. It always seems like the most remarkable people leave us too soon.

  3. My life still has him living since his birthday just passed they say he is 34. People would be foolish to pay for their info

  4. Beautiful. May God Bless you and your family thru this difficult time.
    Psalms 23


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