Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Black Tuesday...

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day for me.  It started off with my needing to vomit, thanks to a violent coughing fit.  Since it was just after I got up, I was basically dry heaving, which is never fun.  Next, we had the busted toilet seat bumper I wrote about in yesterday's post.

Then I took Zane to the vet for his dental cleaning.  His teeth were in worse shape than Arran's were, so it took a bit longer.  Then the vet told me she found a tumor behind Zane's teeth.  She said she was pretty sure it was a benign growth called an epulis, but she couldn't be absolutely certain without sending it to a pathologist.  She showed it to me and asked me if I wanted to have it analyzed.

Pathology, by the way, is much cheaper in Germany than it is in the USA.  I remember in 2012, being quoted $300 in North Carolina to have a growth removed from my dog, MacGregor, analyzed by a pathologist.  I opted not to do it, and MacGregor did end up having cancer, which took his life nine months later.  I'm not sure if the skin growth I had removed from the back of his neck was related to the spinal tumor he had...  What happened to MacGregor was kind of mysterious.  He had a very aggressive, malignant tumor invading his spinal column.  It could have come from that growth, or it could have been totally unrelated.

Here, it would have cost 37 euros to have Zane's growth examined by a pathologist.  I decided not to do it, though, because even if he does have oral cancer, he's ten years old and has lumps all over him.  I don't think we'd want him to go through extensive treatment for cancer-- certainly no radical surgeries like jaw removal or anything like that.  And I don't want to spend the next ten days worrying about that sample, bracing myself for bad news.  This month is going to be stressful enough.  In ten days, we'll be in Baden-Baden, celebrating our anniversary.  The last thing I want to do is worry about a pathologist's report when I'm trying to relax.

Zane in the place he likes best...  This was taken in Wiesbaden a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, that bit of news about Zane's growth was unexpected and upsetting...  but then, as I was waiting for Zane to recover enough from the anesthesia to go home, I got an email from Hello Fresh, letting me know that my payment failed.  Now... I was a member of Hello Fresh for almost two years.  But I canceled my account two years ago!  I hadn't so much as logged onto the site since 2016.  I did get a "welcome" email from them a week or so ago, but it was dated February 2015.  I figured it was a mistake-- which it was-- and it didn't occur to me that they would be sending me a food box.

Despite the fact that I didn't order a box, I'm going to be visited by UPS today and they will have a box for me.  I plan to refuse the shipment.  I've already sent a couple of nasty emails to Hello Fresh, and stopped future deliveries... and hopefully, this time it will stick.  I'm probably more pissed off about this than I should be.  It irks the hell out of me that I canceled something two years ago and now a "ghost" has somehow reactivated the account and is demanding payment.  I had assumed they deleted my account information after their customer service person affirmed that I'd canceled the service.  I guess not.

Zane looks better since the tumor was taken out.  For some time, he's had a slightly puffy appearance on the left side of his face.  I thought it was due to a tiny eye tumor that the vet had said he had.  I kept looking for the tumor in his eye, since his eye looked puffy, but I never found it.  It didn't occur to me that he might have a mass in his mouth.  It was way back behind his teeth, though, so even if I had looked for it, I don't think I would have been able to find it. 

I noticed that after he recovered from the anesthesia, that slightly puffy look around his eye was gone.  His face is back to being more or less symmetrical.  This actually kind of makes me feel bad, since I thought his breath was simply due to the fact that his teeth were covered with tartar.  His breath wasn't so bad that I would have suspected anything other than the usual doggy breath that happens when it's time for a cleaning.  On the other hand, I'm also glad he's looking better.

I'm feeling slightly less edgy today than I was yesterday.  I just sent another nastygram to Hello Fresh, demanding that they delete all of my account information.  We'll see if they do it... if not, I might have to get an attorney to write to them.

I'm going to try to have a better day today.  At least I don't have to spend it in the vet's office.  Zane is actually pretty frisky these days and even with that tumor, he's had a great appetite and energy.  So I'm going to focus on letting him enjoy his life without subjecting him to repeated surgeries, chemo, or anything like that.  Hopefully, he'll enjoy many more days.

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