Saturday, October 20, 2018

YouTuber thinks Lynzy Lab's song is a lot of bollocks....

This morning, I found this video by a YouTuber named ABitofBritt.  She has a lot to say about Lynzy Lab's viral song, "A Scary Time For Boys".  I have linked to Lab's song in another blog post and you can easily find it yourself if you Google, but if you haven't heard it, you can also hear it dissected in Britt's video.

Britt appears to be a conservative who thinks we need to "vote out the Democrats"...

When I first started listening to Britt's video, I was tempted to shut it off and ignore what she had to say. But then I decided to hear her out.  I've been known to find feminists annoying myself, mainly because I agree that some of them can be a little too hysterical about the women's movement.  I do know firsthand that sometimes women lie about sexual assault.  I also agree that everyone-- male or female-- is entitled to due process, particularly when it comes to accusations that could put a person in prison.

I'm kind of glad I listened to Britt's thoughts on the whole "Scary Time For Boys" song.  She does make some good points and she's clearly intelligent, and mostly reasonable about how she expresses her comments.  For example, all of the things Lab sings that she "can't do" because she's female, I will agree with Britt that she probably could do and suffer no ill effect most of the time.  However, Britt does acknowledge that it's more risky for a woman to do a lot of those things than it is for a man to do them.  Yes, it's a bad idea to leave your drink unattended, regardless if you're male or female.  But the stakes are higher for women, at least statistically speaking.  And yes, there are some parts of the city no male or female should never venture to alone.  But statistically, it's riskier for a woman to go to certain dark alleys than it is for most men.

I think Lab's song resonated with me because it takes on Donald Trump's comment that it's a "very scary time in America for men."  Trump was referring to the fact that Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court was being challenged by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who claims that when she and Kavanaugh were teenagers, he and a friend drunkenly sexually assaulted her at a party.  She did not report the assault at the time it happened, back in the early 1980s.  As Kavanaugh's past was scrutinized, other unsavory facts about his past began to surface.  Kavanaugh was soon depicted as a beer swilling frat boy with high powered political connections.  I know I was particularly disgusted when I saw that Kavanaugh was a member of a group called Renate Alumnius, which indicated that he was among a group of guys who'd had sex with a girl named Renate Schroeder.  As all of this information came out, support for him in the Supreme Court diminished to even less than what it originally was, especially when Kavanaugh didn't own up to his past or take any responsibility for what was clearly documented boorish behavior.

Now... let's think about this for a minute.  As I sit here typing this, Kavanaugh is now a confirmed Supreme Court justice.  Sure, a lot of people still think he's a violent drunk who hurts women, but he also still got his plum job.  He's not sitting in a prison cell.  He's not unemployed or in the middle of a nasty divorce in the wake of this stuff that's come to light.  As far as I can tell, Kavanaugh wasn't really harmed by Ford's accusations.  He's now a very powerful man who has friends in high (or low, depending on your viewpoint) places.  He's always going to have a job.  His appointment to the Supreme Court is for the rest of his life.  Were Kavanaugh's feelings hurt by Ford's accusations?  Possibly.  I have no idea what kind of person Brett Kavanaugh really is.  However, regardless of Ford's accusations, Brett Kavanaugh is now a Supreme Court justice.  So it's not such a "scary time" for Kavanaugh, is it?

Then there's Brock Turner.  There he was, a star swimmer at Stanford University.  He got caught in the act of sexually assaulting a very intoxicated woman behind a Dumpster.  Is he sitting in prison right now?  Nope.  He got six months for his crime and he didn't even serve the whole six months!  And recently, he's been in the news because he tried to get his sexual assault conviction overturned (and thank God he failed).  This man was actually caught in the act of assaulting an unconscious woman, and yet he doesn't think he should be labeled as a sex offender.  Here he is, a reasonably attractive, young, privileged white man who blew off his education at Stanford University and the sterling future it promised... all because he couldn't help assaulting an unconscious young woman.  Not such a scary time for Brock either, is it?

Ditto for dickhead Donald Trump, who despite openly and proudly acknowledging that he sexually harasses women, still managed to become President of the United States of America!  Donald Trump is now arguably the most powerful man on Earth!  Lots of women love him, despite the fact that he's an obnoxious, idiotic, molesting asshole of the first order.  And yet he still has the audacity to complain about how "scary" it is for men today.  Seriously?  It's ludicrous nonsense.  That's why I liked the lyrical content of Lynzy Lab's song, although as a musical person, I must admit that the melody is a bit old hat; and, as a woman, I've never felt like I couldn't do all of the things she claims I can't do because I'm female.

Britt appears to be a young woman who sympathizes with conservatives.  When I was her age, I identified as a conservative, too.  At the time, I thought my thinking was fair and logical.  I once bought into a lot of the stuff she's selling, so I get it.  As I've gotten older, my thinking has changed, because my mind has been opened to other perspectives.  I think people tend to either become more liberal or conservative as they age.  Experience tends to alter a person's world view, particularly if they are intelligent and reasonable.

Britt is right that sometimes feminists go a little too far.  And, I will absolutely agree that sometimes men end up with the short end of the stick because of the feminist mantra that we must "believe all women".  I know that not all women are believable or reliable.  Having a vagina does not automatically make someone more gentle, more reasonable, or even physically weaker than someone who has a penis.  Assholes come in all shapes, sexes, sizes, genders, colors, and creeds.

But as far as people like Trump, Turner, and Kavanaugh complaining about how "scary" and unfair life is for men?  Well, that's just a bunch of bollocks!  And that idea is what a lot of women-- particularly older and wiser women-- are reacting to.  That's why Lynzy Lab's song went viral, not because it's a stroke of musical genius or even because the words are "so spot on".  It's ridiculous that high powered white people like Trump and Kavanaugh are bitching about how "scary" life is for men.  It simply isn't true.

I hope Britt wakes up and smells the "covfefe" soon...


  1. Britt isn't stupid, but I don't find her at all likable. She and women like her are Trump's fondest dream.

    1. She looks like the wife of a man I used to know.

  2. She's pretty, which is one more reason Trump would love her.


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