Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Who doesn't like Oreos?

We had a nice couple of days in Wiesbaden.  The city of Wiesbaden is very beautiful, as is nearby Mainz.  I was a little dismayed by how built up the area is-- what I saw of it, anyway.  It looks like an area that has had very recent growth, which means the infrastructure hasn't quite caught up.  I was reminded of Chapel Hill, North Carolina back in the 90s, when everyone was moving to what used to be a small town.  We visited a couple of houses, which I wrote about on my travel blog, and ate some really good food.  I'm looking forward to having access to more international cuisine.  It seemed like Wiesbaden alone offered more choices than Stuttgart does.  We also noticed that people seemed somewhat more laid back there.

It was good to take a couple of days off from writing, too.  I decided to leave my laptop at home, because I figured we wouldn't have time for me to write.  I was correct in that we were pretty busy.  Our hotel room was very small and not all that inspiring, so even if I had brought the laptop, I doubt I would have felt like writing.  Sometimes, one needs to recharge, anyway.

Yesterday, as Bill was driving us down the Autobahn, I read about Harry and Meghan's new addition, due in the spring of 2019.  I didn't actually see Princess Eugenie's wedding, since I don't get TV.  I did read about it and it sounds like it was a good time.  Meghan wore a large blue coat, which is a departure from her usual style.  Still, since I didn't watch the wedding, it didn't occur to me that Meghan might be pregnant.  I mean, I'm not surprised, but I also wasn't really wondering one way or the other.

So anyway, as we were coming back from Wiesbaden, I read about the pregnancy and shared it, with the comment "Awwww..."  I am genuinely happy for Harry and Meghan.  I'm sure the baby will be a much loved and gorgeous addition to the Royals.  But then I made the mistake of reading the comments.  Most people had kind things to say, but there were a few who posted that they don't care. I always wonder why people who don't care about something take the time to post that instead of continuing to scroll.

And then, I saw it...

Yes... someone went there.

I remember the first time I ever heard the slang expression "Oreo" when describing a mixed black/white couple.  It was in the 1980s and I was a teenager.  A friend and I were at the Virginia State Fair and she was telling me about how some guy she knew had referred to a mixed couple that way.  Obviously, it's a racist slang term, although according to Urban Dictionary, it has another connotation other than describing a pair of black and white people who are dating.  I didn't realize this, but apparently some black people use the term "Oreo" as a way to denigrate other black people who behave in a way they consider "too white".

I had no idea...  I thought it was just about mixed raced couples or someone with mixed parentage.

Anyway... I was a little ashamed of myself because the rotating Oreo gif in the comments made me laugh.  The person who posted it was obviously trolling.  He posted that gif more than one time, too.  Although calling someone an Oreo is potentially kind of offensive, it's also not the worst racist term I've ever heard.  Who doesn't like Oreos?  They're sweet and chocolatey and go with a lot of things.  But there was something about the rotating cookie that struck me as funny, even if it wouldn't occur to me to refer to anyone that way myself.

On my post about Harry and Meghan, a friend commented that she gets to laugh, since she is herself an "Oreo".  Her mother is white and her father is black.  She says she now thinks of herself as more of a latte macchiato.  In my opinion, biracial people are usually very exotic looking and striking.  Meghan is herself biracial and I think she's very beautiful.  I'm sure Harry and Meghan will have an adorable baby and that dash of color will be quite becoming to the royal gene pool.  

Maybe Princess Eugenie will also get pregnant, so her mum can be a gran.  I saw another article about how Eugenie's mother, Sarah Ferguson, posted several Tweets about Eugenie's wedding and nothing about the baby announcement.  Could it be that she's annoyed that Harry and Meghan broke the news so soon after the wedding?  I don't know... but based on the blue coat Meghan was wearing, my guess is that they couldn't keep it a secret for much longer.  People can be weird about weddings and childbirth, anyway.  My ex friend did her best to hide her engagement from her ex boyfriend and her pregnancy from me.  That's partly why she's now my "ex" friend.  

Moving on...     

My recent dabbling in creative writing gave me a new idea for a blog.  I don't know if I'll actually do this or not, since I don't always feel like writing stories.  This concept just popped into my head as a way to do some venting without upsetting people who know me and happen to read my blog.  Maybe I'll start a blog called "Based on a True Story" and use it simply for creative expression.  The posts would be fictionalized accounts of things that impress, annoy, or upset me.  It could also be a place for me to put my music parodies and other posts that people don't seem to care that much about.  I could say this blog for my commentary on daily life.

I could probably have some real fun with a "creative" blog and keep the fiction and music posts out of this blog, for those who don't care about them.  I can't say "Based on a True Story" would have a lot of readers, but it would probably be more constructive in the long run and cause me less grief...  I don't know.  If I do it, I'll probably wait until after our big move.  It's possible that my fiction would be more interesting than my usual thoughts on life.  I used to write a lot more fiction when I was younger and Bill was an early fan...  So who knows?  I do enjoy coming up with entertaining stories, though.  I like writing dialogue, especially.  It would also give me something else to do with my time.

So that about does it for today...  We're having a pre-move inspection by the moving company this afternoon.  Shit's about to get real.


  1. I was in Chapel Hill in the late 90's. We were passing through from maryland to Orlando, and went off-course a bit (I think it may have been off-course, anyway)and stopped to visit a good friend of my uncle who lived in durham, as well as my uncle's relatives in ralieigh. The guy who was my uncle's friend was a journlist who had credentials to get into all sorts of college athleticfacilities. He was driving us all over Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill in a car without adequate AC and I developed the very beginning of heat stroke. It's not a fond memory.

    I think Meghan's and Harry's baby will be beautiful, too. What do people expect of poor meghan? Should she dine on watermelon and fried chicken for dinner every night? It's tiresome.

    1. Well... the troll who posted that Oreo pic is apparently a person of color himself.

      I like Chapel Hill, but traffic there can be a nightmare. My sister lives in Chapel Hill, so I am pretty familiar with it.

  2. I don't remember too much about the trip except for the all-blue seats in the Dean Dome (it was quite pretty as basketball arenas go) and we were able to go into the office of some guy named Coach K at Duke.

  3. I actully meant "the tour" as opposed to "the trip." I remember a lot about the trip, just not so much about the tour. john Edwards' house was at the other end of the street on which my uncle's relatives lived. We saw him. His hair was perfect.

  4. The trip may actually have been after 2000. I'm confusing aspects of it with another trip.


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