Monday, October 29, 2018

No longer homeless...

I'm happy to report that we found a house in Wiesbaden.  It's going to cost a lot of money, but it's a better house than what we have now.  I only have a couple of complaints about it, rather than a list of complaints.  The most major worry is living next door to our new landlords... but they may turn out to be awesome folks.  Besides, the people that lived there before were there for seven years.  The house is large enough, but not humongous, and it has a fenced backyard... and, best of all, no awnings!

I wrote about our house hunt on my travel blog, so I'm just putting this here for those who don't follow that blog.  We should be out of this house we're in now in about a month.  In total, we looked at seven houses in the Wiesbaden area, more than any we've ever looked at before any of our previous moves.  We probably could have seen more, had we worked with a German real estate agent, but the one Bill contacted never responded.  We're running out of time, so we had to make a decision.  Hopefully, it'll work out for the best, even if it costs a lot of money.  If it doesn't, well... it's only temporary.

I also bought us tickets to see Mark Knopfler in Leipzig next summer.  I have been wanting to see him play for years now and we've never been to Leipzig before, so this should be a good time.  So now we have an Irish concert on Halloween, the Scottish Music parade in Wiesbaden in December, Elton John in Stuttgart in May, The Eagles in Cologne in May, and now, Mark Knopfler in Leipzig in July.  Our year of concerts is turning into two years of concerts.

Speaking of concerts, yesterday, I discovered yet another weird celebrity connection.  Some of you might remember that on June 30th of this year, Bill and I saw The Rolling Stones play.  It was our first Stones concert and we were both blown away by the experience.  Consequently, I've been following Mick Jagger's career a bit more lately.

Well... Mick Jagger's youngest son, Dev, is also the son of Melanie Hamrick, a ballerina for American Ballet Theater.  It turns out Melanie Hamrick was born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia, which is very close to where I also grew up.  About nineteen years ago, I studied voice at Eastern Virginia School for the Performing Arts under Ron Boucher.  Ron's wife, Sandra Balestracci, is an extremely well regarded ballet teacher and performer.  It turns out that Melanie also studied at EVSPA, as a ballet student.  She might have even been studying there when I was, since she would have been about twelve at the time.  She later attended a very exclusive boarding school for ballet dancers in Washington, DC.  I don't think I ever met her when she studied at EVSPA.  I see she and Ron are Facebook buddies.

I studied voice with Ron as something for myself.  I was suffering from depression at the time and singing comes very easily to me.  Ron helped me get over depression by having me develop one of my natural talents.  Of course, my dad kind of ruined it for me by also deciding to study under Ron at the same time.  But I will never forget how much I enjoyed those classes.  I wish I could continue them now.

Before EVSPA existed, my eldest sister Betsy, who studied ballet for many years, was in Williamsburg's Chamber Ballet.  Betsy was a very accomplished dancer who studied at the Royal Ballet School when we lived in England.  She later went to the College of William & Mary, which is in Williamsburg, and took ballet while she was a student.  Melanie Hamrick was also in the Chamber Ballet.

I have had a number of loose celebrity affiliations.  I used to be in a choir with actress Kristin Davis's mother.  When I was in grad school, I joined a local choir and Kristin's mom, who also worked in the School of Public Health, of which I was a student, also was a member.

I used to be friends with Katrina Bowden's grandmother, although "Granniemose" has since passed on.

I am friends with Joan Jett's manager.  I met her and her famous songwriting husband, Kenny Laguna, on a cruise.  I met famous interior designer, Michael Moloney, on the same cruise, although I didn't know who he was at the time and didn't get friendly with him.

And now, I know someone who's friends with someone who had a baby with Mick Jagger...  :D

Seriously, I know this isn't a big deal.  I just think it's funny, because I often run into people who know people I know or are people I used to know or work with.  More than once, I've met people I used to know randomly, even if I haven't seen them in decades, or I'll run into total strangers who know people I know.  Or my friends will have some kind of an unexpected connection to other friends.  I guess that applies to celebrities, too.  Someone told me I have a "weird magnetism".  Maybe that's true.  

I could be venting about a lot of things that are currently upsetting, but I think instead, I will go do some reading.  You can read about shootings and bombs in the mail on CNN.  I doubt you need to read my opinions about such horrors.

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