Wednesday, October 3, 2018

My boys got their shots... and moving plans commence

Yesterday, I took Zane and Arran to the vet.  I had been taking Zane on a monthly basis for allergy shots, but missed the last two months.  I just never got around to taking him in, although I kept thinking I needed to get an appointment.  I meant to bring him in last month, but then Bill's car needed a new alternator and he had to use mine, prompting us to cancel a vet appointment.  And then, once we rescheduled, the vet had to cancel.  I was okay with it, because Zane has been doing alright without the allergy shots.

The dogs were due to get their rabies shots in December of this year.  Because both of them have had mast cell tumors, I was apprehensive about taking them in for their boosters.  I decided to do it yesterday in case there were any immediate reactions to the vaccines.  While I was there, I told our vet about our move.  I think she was a little sad because I think she really likes Zane.  It's hard not to, because he's just such a sweet, agreeable dog.  He reminds me a lot of Bill.  Arran, by contrast, is more like me.  It makes sense that Zane is more "my dog" and Arran is "Bill's dog", although they clearly love us both.

I think the vet also likes me, although it took awhile before the ice broke.  I've been going to see her regularly for about four years now and we've kind of gotten friendly... or as friendly as one can get with Germans in a professional relationship.  Germans, as a whole, are more formal than Americans are, particularly in a professional setting.  In many ways, I like that.  If there's one thing that annoys me about my homeland, it's the fake familiarity and insistence that everyone is on a first name basis.  It's not that I mind being called by my first name.  It's more that people who don't know me, don't know how much I hate being called by my legal first name.  I use a nickname, and if you don't know that about me, you don't know me well enough to call me by my first name.  It's disrespectful to call me Jennifer if you don't know me well enough to call me Jenny.

The vet reminded me that the dogs need other boosters, which I told her we could do next month.  I am not going to hit them with multiple shots in one day anymore.  I'd really rather stop vaccinating them at all, because they're getting old and have both had mast cell tumors, which means their immune systems have gone a bit haywire.  But the rabies shot is a must.  Hopefully, they won't have any delayed reactions.  So far, so good, though it hasn't yet been 24 hours.  Unfortunately, sometimes rabies shots can cause reactions that show up days or weeks later.  Some vets even think they can cause reactions months afterward.  I won't be surprised if I find new mast cell tumors.

And the dogs also need dentals.  Both of them have bad breath and brown teeth.  It's been about fourteen months since their last cleanings.  I know they need dentals, but they are a bit of a pain to arrange, since it's surgery.  I may get the vets to do the dentals this month or next, depending on how busy we get.  But again, it's nervewracking because it's surgery and requires anesthetic.  Zane has some lumps that could come off, but he's so frisky lately that I hesitate to put him through a surgery that would require him to recover, particularly right before a move.

Although it is time for a change, moves are never convenient or fun.  I reread some of my posts from July 2014, when I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out how we were going to make our move happen.  That old anxiety came back, although this time, we are fortunate enough not to be dealing with a truly assholistic property management company.  Seriously... back in 2014, we were putting up with daily showings, sometimes more than once a day, even as we were packing out with the movers there, wrapping up our stuff.  I was absolutely livid about the invasion of privacy and got so pissed that I started telling tenants about the property managers and the neighborhood we lived in.  I don't think we will have the same experience this time, although the PTSD memory of our Texas to Germany move lingers.

Here's the funny thing, though.  To move to Germany, Bill's former company gave him $7500.  The money was taxable and basically covered moving about half of our stuff across the ocean.  The rest of our property is sitting in storage.  There were only a couple of items I would have liked to have brought and couldn't... and now that I think about it, one item I wanted to bring would not be easy to put in the house we're in.  It's a tall china cabinet and there's really no room for it.  I'm sure I would have found somewhere to put it, but I can't picture where.  I also would have liked to have brought my piano; but again, I don't know where we would have put it.  It also weighs a ton, so I wouldn't have wanted to see the movers trying to get it upstairs, which is where I had the most room.  However, if we'd had children, we would have been hurting.  $7500 is not a lot of money for international shipping of furniture.

Meanwhile, Bill's new company informed him yesterday what our moving allowance is.  To move about 100 miles, Bill's employer is prepared to allow up to $30,000 in expenses.  We won't even get near that figure because we don't have that much stuff and we're not moving that far.  Still, it just goes to show you that contracting companies come in all qualities.  Bill is a lot happier with the company he works with now.  There is a common perception that contractors make a lot of money.  That's often true; but it's not always true.   Bill is, by far, doing better with his current company.  Hopefully, he can hang with them for awhile while I build our housing/retirement fund.  

Anyway... I continue to search for our next place.  I wish prospective landlords would put up more pictures with their ads.  Wiesbaden is going to cost more, so I want to make sure we have something to show for the extra money we will be spending.  But really, I just want this crap to be done so I can plan our next vacation.


  1. I admire your positive attitude about moving. We bought our first house, which we had been renting, so we wouldn’t have to move. That’s how much I hate moving.

  2. LOL... believe me, my attitude often sucks. But I don’t really have a choice, so I might as well get over it. I was thinking we would be settled by now.

  3. What kind of piano do you have?

    1. It’s an old spinet I inherited from my mom.


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