Saturday, October 6, 2018

If you wanna be a DCC, you have to know about MeToo...

Yesterday, I watched the latest episode of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.  Despite last week's promise of high drama between retired DCC Jinelle and rookie candidate Victoria, it was kind of a dull episode, with one exception.  The candidates were all being tested on their media savvy and one of the cheerleaders was asked how she felt about the MeToo movement.  The candidate, name of Taylor, did not know what MeToo is.

Naturally, Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammel were horrified that this young woman, who apparently doesn't watch the news, didn't know about the whole MeToo movement.  But then they praised her for being a great dancer and entertainer.

I have to admit that it's hard to fathom someone not knowing about MeToo, but then I started thinking about it some more...  Those young women are pretty busy people.  Most of them go to school or have a job.  Maybe they don't have time to watch the news or read it on the Internet.  Maybe it's to Taylor's credit that she's focused on things other than the news.  Granted, in an interview with a news outlet, not knowing about current events is a pretty embarrassing thing.  But really, first and foremost, these ladies are intended to be entertainers.  They don't get paid a lot of money to do what they do, but the pressure to be perfect and have the right image is very intense.

I think Taylor was cut this week, in part because of her "MeToo" blunder.  I felt kind of sad for her, but then Kelly and Judy kept saying that the competition was especially intense this year.  Any little blunder is enough to send someone packing...  I imagine that joining DCC is stressful enough without having to see stuff like this on TV.  This is another show I probably shouldn't watch.

I should be reading more books.  I try, but then I fall asleep because I always read in bed.  I get distracted by the lure of a nice warm bed and snuggly beagles and before I know it, I'm off to dreamland.  When I wake up, I'm no longer in the mood to read anything.

We'll see if anything interesting prompts me to write today.  I could write about politics, but I think everyone's getting pretty sick of that.  I know I am.


  1. Today's politics are pretty sickening.

    My mom was asked to assist her local area's pageant that is an affiliate or feeder or whatever into the miss America pageant. she was supposed to give pointers related to talent and to help them with oral presentation and interview preparation. She came out of the experience with grave fears for the day when she's in a nursing home and the contestants and their contemporaries are running the world. she sais it was pretty clear that most of them had never read a newspaper in their entire lives.

    1. Tragic. I actually think the DCC ladies are talented. A lot of them are smart, too. They should be paid better for what is expected of them.


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