Monday, October 1, 2018


A friend shared this meme today...


I have to admit, this meme made me do some thinking.  Over the past few years, a lot of people have angrily commented about how dangerous it might be to allow transgendered people to use whichever public restroom makes them the most comfortable.  I've read countless comments from conservative friends about how opening public restrooms to anyone might lead to women being raped or sexually assaulted by predators with penises (because not all predators are male).

And yet, many of these same people are bitterly lamenting about how tough the liberals are being about confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.  They don't believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's story about having been assaulted by Kavanaugh in the 1980s.  They accuse her of being a political pawn.  They also don't believe the two other women who have since come forward.  As more stories about Kavanaugh's behavior are unearthed, many of these people are still complaining about how unfairly Kavanaugh is being treated.

Before I saw this meme, it never would have occurred to me to think about this interesting diversion in thought.  Although the public restroom debate was daily news a year or so ago, like a lot of fickle Americans, I stopped thinking about it as news evolved.  After awhile, it was no longer hot off the presses.  But I must agree that this is a very good point.

So many people were concerned about the hypothetical possibility that a transgendered person might assault innocent women in restrooms, yet the same people are quick to disbelieve Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's story.  Granted, the alleged assault happened many years ago, but shouldn't these folks care that Kavanaugh might have assaulted women?  Shouldn't these people, so worried about women in public restrooms getting caught with their pants down, have some concern about a woman who claims she was attacked by a man who might be a Supreme Court justice?  What's wrong with investigating him thoroughly to make sure his character is up to snuff before we hand over such a powerful job that he could have for the rest of his life?

I have read so many comments from people, mostly men, saying that Dr. Blasey Ford should have said something in the 80s.  But times were different back then... and I see that 35 years later, some people haven't evolved much.  I know it takes time for thinking to change, especially when it comes to cultural matters.  Still, I look at the lack of compassion people have for Dr. Blasey Ford and remember what she must have felt like when she was fifteen years old.  She's managed to go on to great academic and professional success, but in 1983, she was just a kid.  I'm sure the idea of telling people about what happened was terrifying for her.

I think it's the height of hypocrisy for the so-called "family values" folks to be up in arms about hypothetical transgendered people raping women in public restrooms, yet not give a damn about women with actual stories about being assaulted.  I can't see what Dr. Blasey Ford has to gain by speaking about this.  A few weeks ago, a police officer friend of mine complained about how Judge Kavanaugh's life was being threatened and that's why it was okay for him to blow off the father of a girl who was murdered in a school shooting.  This same guy has nothing to say about how Dr. Blasey Ford has had to move at least twice thanks to harassment and death threats.

I would hope that people on either side of the political spectrum would want to see decent people with moral compasses in charge of our government.  I know that many politicians are true scumbags who are out of touch with real people.  Our country is currently being led by the chief of scumbags.  But shouldn't people involved with making, enforcing, and interpreting laws be above reproach?  Don't we all deserve that?  

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