Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Air Force Colonel loses his shit at a Boy George concert...

I was quite amused this morning when I ran across this story of Air Force Colonel Mark Eugene Muth.  The 57 year old man attended a Boy George concert in Kettering, Ohio and was apparently quite intoxicated.  It appears that the combination of alcohol and Boy George's tunes were too much for the good colonel and he started trying to rush the stage.

The security force at the venue tried to contain the drunken officer, but he started shoving them.  Police were called and Muth was soon cuffed and stuffed at the local jail.

Muth, who is currently stationed at the command surgeon general's office at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, penned an article a few years ago about the importance of dental hygiene.  At the time, he was at Travis Air Force Base in California.  I suppose the prospect of moving from California to Ohio is enough to make anyone want to drink.  Also, it appears that Muth is a dentist and I have read that dentists sometimes suffer from mental health issues because many people hate going to them.

I myself lived in Dayton, Ohio many years ago.  I don't remember my time there, because I was just a little shit in those days, but I do remember that one of the reasons my dad retired from the Air Force was because they wanted to send him back to Dayton after his time at Mildenhall Air Force Base in England.

Perhaps Muth was simply looking for upbeat tunes and a little adult style fun when he decided to see Boy George and Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins live, in concert.  Alcohol can make people do crazy things.  God knows I love my 80s music, too.  Combine it with a little booze and there could be trouble, although I can't imagine I'd get quite so animated that I might wind up arrested.

In all seriousness, this incident will probably have a deleterious effect on Muth's military career.  Besides shoving people and rushing the stage, Muth also resisted arrest, refusing to cooperate with Kettering Police Lieutenant Holly Murchland.  He's been charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and, besides dealing with civilian law enforcement, will likely face discipline from military authorities and perhaps even whatever organization granted him a license to practice dentistry.  It's probably pretty likely that he'll be quietly asked to retire, or at least seek treatment for what appears to be a significant drinking problem.

Despite all of that, I can't help but giggle a little when I think of Colonel Muth losing it at a Boy George concert.  I mean, yeah, clearly this man is in trouble on many different levels, but the mental image is pretty hilarious.  I must also give props to Military Times reporter J.D. Simkins for writing his hilarious report about the incident.  It's not often that a Military Times piece makes me laugh for the right reasons.

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