Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Utter nonsense...

I'm about to say some shit about my family that may not be very flattering...  It won't be the first time I've done this and it probably won't be the last.  If any of my family members happen to read this, I apologize for being so blunt.  I just don't understand how I wound up in the same gene pool as some of these people.

So... this morning, my cousin "Timmy's" (not his real name) 19 year old son shared this ridiculous post from a Facebook page called "Liberal Logic 101".

And this was my reaction...

For real!

I don't usually comment on political posts by others unless I agree with them.  It's just not worth it for me to get into arguments on other people's Facebook pages.  However, I simply could not let that one go without a comment.  So I posted "That is utter nonsense."  Seriously, I was dumb when I was 19, but I don't think I was that dumb.  Snopes also agrees that this claim is bullshit.

Listen... I get that a lot of my family members are Republicans.  I get that a lot of them are pro-life.  I understand that they don't like Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.  But how in the hell can they seriously believe that any politician would ever advocate for arbitrary abortion cut off dates at 36 weeks?  Late term abortions do happen sometimes, but they are extraordinarily expensive and difficult to get.  They are usually done in cases when the fetus is extremely sick or malformed.  It's already a challenge to get an early abortion in the United States.  Getting one done late in a pregnancy often requires the mother to travel far away to a facility and clinician willing and qualified to do the procedure.  What's more, as of 2013, the number of abortions done beyond 21 weeks was about 1.3%.  At that rate, the chances that one would be done at 36 weeks is virtually non-existent, and no politician in their right mind would ever advocate for that publicly-- certainly not someone as politically experienced as Hillary Clinton is.

Even if it were true that Bernie and Hillary were advocating for abortions to be done up until 36 weeks, they would be next to impossible to get.  Most fetuses are viable at that point and would be delivered rather than aborted.  The ones that aren't viable at 36 weeks probably wouldn't survive birth anyway.  While many people are against late term abortions because fetuses can supposedly feel pain, a doctor at the University of California at San Francisco recently boiled down the facts regarding fetuses and pain.  

I would trust a respected physician's opinion regarding this issue over a politician's.  But even if I didn't, how can we even know what a fetus experiences?  Have you ever met anyone who remembers being in the womb?  I think there's a good reason you don't remember.  It's because you aren't conscious.

I'm not that surprised that my cousin's son-- my first cousin once removed-- thinks that this nonsense from Liberal Logic 101 is true and didn't bother to research it.  He's 19, and like a lot of 19 year olds, thinks he knows more than he does.  Hell, he's even a dad himself.  He became a father when he was about 16.  I'm assuming he knew how babies were made at that age, but instead of taking precautions and preventing teen pregnancy, he got busy with his girlfriend and is now a busy dad at barely the age of majority.  I commend him for being an involved dad.  He has a job and sees his son.  He's lucky, because he has family members who are cooperative and support him and his son's mother.  His son's mother (don't think they are still dating) is also good about letting him be involved.  A lot of people are not so lucky.  

We have a president who wants to force women to give birth, but doesn't want to provide any help to women who might not be prepared to give birth.  He's fine with spending $775 a day to incarcerate each child of a migrant in a private detention center, but he doesn't want to safeguard programs like WIC or SNAP so that lactating mothers, babies, and children can eat nutritious food.  He doesn't want to push breastfeeding because that takes away money from the rich companies that make infant formula, yet he won't support programs that make formula accessible to people who otherwise couldn't afford it. He doesn't want to make sure they have adequate and affordable healthcare or education.

I don't cheer for abortions.  I have not been pregnant myself, but if I ever had gotten pregnant, I would have very likely wanted the baby.  Even if I didn't want the baby, I doubt I would have opted for abortion.  I understand why so many people are opposed to abortion.  I still think the decision should be between a woman and her physician.  That's right... I don't think the father has a say.  It's not his body, his health, or his life on the line.  When the baby is born, yes-- absolutely equal rights to both parents.  Until then, it must be the woman's choice.  It's her body.  Unless you plan to incarcerate her and force her to eat right, get medical care, and refrain from doing anything that might put the fetus at risk, and you are willing to pay for it all, you have NO right to comment.  There are worse things than death.  And... as we all know, we do still have civil rights in the United States.  For now, anyway...  as long as your skin isn't a shade of brown (/sarcasm).  

Looking at the comments on the Liberal Logic 101's post, I see a lot of men commenting that women should be forced to stay pregnant, since men can't opt out of fatherhood.  Or, at least they can't opt out of paying child support (although some parents-- fathers AND mothers-- do get away with not paying).  

Lots of ignorant comments here.  Seems like a lot of guys just want to punish women for being able to give birth and put them on the hook for paying child support.  

My cousin and his son are avid gun enthusiasts.  In fact, one time Bill and I went home for Thanksgiving and Timmy and some of my other cousins were outside trying out his latest acquisition, a firearm known as "The Judge".  I remember watching Bill cringe as Timmy waved that thing around, with very little attention paid to where he was pointing it.  Bill is well-versed in gun safety, having been in the Army for 30 years.  He was shocked at what my cousin was doing.  He easily could have ruined someone's day or even ended their life that day, so careless was he with his gun.  However, while my cousin may be very relaxed about gun safety, he's quite militant about forcing women to have babies they either don't want or can't support.  And he evidently never taught his teenaged son about the safe and responsible use of the "gun" hanging between his legs.  There's something really fucked up about that.

Anyway... I blocked Liberal Logic 101 so I don't have to see this kind of nonsense anymore.  As time goes on, I may start removing more of my family members from my midst.  I don't consider myself liberal or conservative.  I am for common sense.  This kind of lunacy is not common sense.  


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