Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Mick Jagger-- over 4000 served!

TBIM... "Too bad it's Monday"... (Scott Thompson of The Kids In The Hall)

Except it's Tuesday.  I had a case of the Mondays yesterday and never got around to writing a blog post.  I just couldn't think of a good subject that wasn't depressing or infuriating.  So I decided to watch Locked Up Abroad and take my dog to the vet for his allergy shot.  I shopped for Bill's birthday present.  His birthday is Saturday, although I'm not sure he was thinking about celebrating it.  We usually make a big deal out of my birthday and not as much of one about his.  But hell... I think we should celebrate.  Why not?

Seeing The Rolling Stones in concert renewed my interest in learning more about the band.  I will admit that as much as their music has been a part of my personal soundtrack and as legendary as they are, they haven't been a band I've followed particularly closely.  In fact, before Saturday night, I couldn't name anyone in the band other than Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  I was so amazed by watching the whole band, though.  All of the musicians, including the backing musicians, were stellar.  All of the Stones had their own special brand of charisma.  Of course, Mick Jagger, for all of the jokes about his "ugliness", had the most powerful aura of all of them.  I can easily see why he's considered one of the best frontmen in rock music.

I started reading up on Mick Jagger, which naturally led to information about the many, many women who have been in his life and his bed.  Jagger has eight children who were born between 1970 and 2016 to several different women.  In between those women, there were evidently thousands of other women who didn't have one or more of his children.  In fact, I read one article from 2012 that indicated that Mr. Jagger has bedded over 4000 women.  Author Chris Anderson, who wrote the book Mick, was quoted as saying that in retrospect, 4000 is probably a low figure.

Mick Jagger has had a lot of sex with all kinds of people, but especially famous women.  I remember reading Mackenzie Phillips' 2009 book, High On Arrival, which was basically about her drug fueled youth.  In that book, she described having sex with Mick Jagger in the bed he shared with Jerry Hall, his former common law wife and mother of four of his children.  Phillips was 18 years old at the time and he was about 35.  She claims he told her he'd been waiting to have sex with her since she was 10 years old.  Afterwards, he wrapped her in a fluffy robe and made her tea and toast.  He sent Mackenzie packing long before Jerry Hall came home.

Jagger has also had sexual relations with the likes of Uma Thurman, Carly Simon, Carla Bruni, Luciana Gimenez, among many, many others.  In fact, Carla Bruni, who later married the former president of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, also had an affair with Donald Trump.  Trump allegedly proclaimed that Bruni was a "pain in the ass" because she was relentlessly trying to get him to dump Marla Maples, who eventually became his second wife.

As I was reading about all of the many loves of Jagger, I couldn't help but remember a classic comedy sketch by Scott Thompson and Bruce McCulloch, stars of the 90s era show, The Kids in the Hall.  The two comedians, dressed in drag and playing secretaries, are cattily gossiping about an allegedly promiscuous co-worker.  And McCulloch's character says, "Well maybe I'm just a priss or something, but I think all your ex-lovers should fit on a bus..."

And Thompson retorts, "Not that you'd ever want to be on that bus!"

Bruce and Scott channeling bitchy gossips in the workplace.

Mick Jagger's ex lovers would fit in a small town.  Seriously, that's a lot of fucking.  It kind of boggles the mind, especially since all my lovers would fit in my Mini Cooper convertible... and if you've ever seen the backseat of a Mini, you know that realistically, it seats two people.

I don't know... but it seems Jagger and Bowie had a little sexual chemistry, too.  You can see it in this infamous music video from my youth...

A youthful Jagger swaggers.  I can see why some people compare him to a rooster.  There's something about him, though.  He doesn't mind letting it all hang out, no matter how weird it looks.  I think that's why he's so charismatic.  

I read that Mick Jagger is about to turn 75.  I would never guess he's that old.  He moves like a man less than half his age.  I watched him put on an incredibly energetic show, with charisma that radiated from the stage and enchanted over 40,000 people who were watching the show with Bill and me.  Even though I was surrounded by tall people and couldn't get a clear view of the stage, I could still catch glimpses of him not projected on the huge screens.  The man has some kind of weird magnetism that just enchants people.  

That being said, though... even if I were the type of woman Mick Jagger would consider bedding, I don't think I'd be up for it.  For one thing, I doubt I could handle Jagger's energy.  A good piece of his ass would probably kill me.  

I wonder what it's like to be in a relationship with a man like Mick Jagger.  I would imagine you'd have to be open to his need to spread his seed.  I don't know what the attraction is to that, but it must be very powerful.  I think of all the famous women he's been with, many of them equally magnetic.  Carla Bruni was dating Eric Clapton when Jagger set his sights on her.  Jagger was reportedly with Bruni the day after Jerry Hall gave birth to their third child, Georgia May.  And yet, they stayed together long enough to have a fourth child before the famous couple finally split up for good after 23 years together.  Jerry had finally enough of Jagger's wandering eye.  Hall, who celebrated her 62nd birthday yesterday, is now married to media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

I know there are faithful people in the entertainment business.  Rolling Stones drummer, the adorably boyish Charlie Watts, has been married to his wife, Shirley, since 1964.  Keith Richards had a long term relationship with Italian model Anita Pallenberg, who bore him three children.  Pallenberg was also bedded by Jagger... and Richards apparently got him back by having sex with Jagger's ex girlfriend, Marianne Faithfull.  On his 40th birthday in December 1983, Richards married his wife, Patti Hansen, and they are still together today.

I can't deny that Mick Jagger is an amazing performer.  I have never seen anyone like him.  He comes to life when he's on stage.  Yes, he's amazing to watch on video, but seeing him live is a whole different experience.  He's very exciting and rare... and he apparently literally loves everyone, too... especially beautiful and/or famous women.  He's not selfish about sharing his love and letting it flow all over the place.

I'm really glad we went to see the Stones.  I'm also glad I'm not Mick's type.  However, as much of a philanderer as Jagger apparently is, by most accounts, he's a very good father.  Or, as good as a rock star father can be when he has children by so many women.  Former model Luciana Gimenez of Brazil, who in 1999 bore Mick's seventh child, son Lucas Maurice Morad-Jagger, has publicly praised Jagger's fathering skills.  Daughter Jade Jagger, from his marriage to Bianca Jagger, has said Mick "loves babies" and was very congratulatory when both she and her daughter, Assisi, gave birth within a month of each other.

When I read that Jagger has good relationships with his children, it makes me think he's probably not a bad guy...  I guess he's just one of those people who needs a lot of sex.  It certainly appears so when he's on stage.  He's like a male siren.  Still, I'd much rather be with my Bill, who only has eyes and a penis for me, and me alone.  The oversexed lifestyle doesn't appeal to me at all... and, in fact, I have trouble conceiving of it.  I don't understand why it would be attractive or fun to have sex with so many people that I could fill a small town with my conquests.  The prospect of disease alone would be enough to turn me off of that lifestyle, not to mention the mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion...

I guess that's one of many reasons why I'm not a celebrity...


  1. I'm not mick's type, either. I don't think that joke line about all of one's ex-lovers being able to fit onto a bus is really a terrible rule by which to live, though, when all has been said and done, my lovers present and past probably won't fill up the back of a Volkswagen beetle.

    Carly Simon and Mick Jagger seem like an odd pair to me. They look like siblings.

    1. Ha ha.... I agree about Carly and Mick looking related. Both have big mouths!


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