Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mesa is back again...

Seriously... don't you have a life you could be living?


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am a reader from the northern Virginia area in case you note my occasional visits and wonder who I am. (I am definitely nowhere near Mesa, AZ.). I found you through the Cruise Critic board and your excellent reporting on your Hebridean cruises. I would love to take one of their cruises, and your blog fuels my daydreams. I really enjoy your blogging about those cruises, your other trips, and your local travels, sightseeing, restaurant visits, etc. You do exactly what someone living abroad should do--you take advantage of the area and the experience! So, I've occasionally wandered over to this non-travel blog, which I also find interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

    1. Hi Travel Lover! Thanks so much for reading. I hope I don't sound paranoid. I do love it when people read my blogs. I just get a little freaked out when people read for hours in a sitting and lurk for weeks without comment. The vast majority of people are not that interested in my writing!

      Strangers from areas near where my husband's toxic ex wife used to live make me nervous, but your hits from NoVA would not raise suspicion, especially since I see that you came over from the travel blog. Thanks for letting me know who you are, though. I used to live in NoVA myself!

      As for Hebridean Cruises, please put them on your bucket list. It's an absolutely awesome experience and well worth the admittedly high price of admission. It always cracks me up when I read the comments from some of the snobs who post on the Luxury board that don't think it's a luxury ship. The Princess may not have a spa or a pool, but it truly is a very luxurious and personal experience. The bonus is, I always come back from my cruises with them having seen places, learned new things, and not spent my whole time drinking.

      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

  2. Hi there! Long time lurker here, first time commenting.

    I discovered your blog via Stuttgart Friends a few years back. I’ve been a regular reader ever since. I have moved from the Stuttgart area and miss it. I enjoy reading about your travels and experiences.

    1. Hi WorldCitizen!

      I'm glad someone in that group likes reading my blogs. :D

      I don't blame you for missing Germany. I missed it myself when we left the first time. It truly has been my favorite place to live so far.


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