Thursday, July 5, 2018

Boring 4th...

Since yesterday was Independence Day for us Americans, Bill had the day off.  He stayed home and made us breakfast, after which, we tried to decide how we wanted to spend the rest of the day.  We ended up doing nothing special because we had rain.  The only thing that made the day somewhat memorable was that I got a private message from some idiot calling me a cunt.  Someone else tried to insult my intelligence by writing "Your and idiot."  You know, it really says something when a person tries to insult another person's intelligence with a three word sentence and two out of the three words are misspelled.  I thought about dedicating this piece to that person, but in the end, decided it wasn't worth it.

I reported the guy who sent me nasty private messages uninvited and, I guess, he complained about my "review", which was just one of many on what I now think was a fake page for the Red Hen, put up only so people could write nasty reviews.  So I reported several of the obviously fake one star reviews, because I'm petty like that.  I'm sure the Facebook powers that be don't care.  I'm starting to care a lot less about it myself.

Anyway, that nonsense took up only a small portion of our afternoon, which was mostly spent watching TV, talking, and drinking beer.  Yep, I lead a fascinating life.  The weather wasn't very hot, but it was humid.  Our house retains heat, which is nice in the winter, but not so good during the summer.  Luckily, summers tend to be short in Germany.  In two months, it will be time to break out the sweaters again.

Zane has been having more tummy issues than usual.  I think it's caused by his mast cell disease.  I know people call it "cancer"; but to me, it acts more like a disease, at least in Zane's case.  He doesn't have a lot of skin tumors, but does have stomach issues, especially in the morning.  He wakes up with an upset stomach and gas.  I think, when he was at Max's last weekend, he was fed more than usual and it's taking him a few days to recover.  He and Arran both took massive dumps on their walks Monday.  He's been off all week, though, and it's annoying and worrisome.  I'm going to try switching his antacid from Tagamet to Pepcid.  Maybe that will help.

Next week, we're going to Ireland.  I'm really looking forward to getting out of here for a few days.  I think it will have a good effect on my mood.  Hopefully, Zane won't be worse when we get back   Lately, I've been feeling kind of cranky and pessimistic.  Travel helps keep my attitude in check.  I have a love/hate relationship with going to concerts, though.  I love to listen to live music, but hate the crowds it attracts.  And the older I get, the less patience I have for people.  I'm becoming ever more curmudgeonly.

I don't really miss not seeing fireworks on July 4th.  To be honest, my family never got in to seeing fireworks.  I think when I was very young, we went to Gloucester Point Beach in Gloucester a few times to watch them go off over the York River.  But my parents had little patience for traffic, so we didn't go too many times after that.  When I got older, I usually had to work on July 4th, which sucked.  If I were more money oriented, it would have sucked less, but I've never been a particularly money hungry person.  I just want enough to pay my bills and live comfortably.  So I was not someone who wanted to work double or triple shifts on holidays to make a lot of cash.  I did know some people who liked doing that, though.  More power to 'em.

Lots of elections are going on in Europe and it seems many governments are going far right, on account of all the refugees and migrants...  I don't know what this will mean for the world.  Maybe someone will be ballsy enough to tell Trump to go fuck himself.

In happy news, it seems my mother-in-law had a Skype session with younger daughter and her baby.  This is a big deal.  To my knowledge, the last time they spoke was on the phone during the kids' one and only visitation with us back in June 2003.  Older daughter and former stepson had refused to talk to her.  Only younger daughter would get on the phone.  Ex had them all poisoned against her because Ex hates Bill's mother.  Actually, I think the feeling is mutual, now, although mother-in-law is not a hateful person by any stretch.  But she is a dedicated mom and she's seen how Ex treated her only son.

Again... I can't help but wonder what's going through younger daughter's head as she reacquaints herself with these long lost relatives.  I don't know how she feels about her mother.  She's indicated that she knows her mother is nuts and even that she wasn't much a mom to her or her siblings.  It just sucks, though, that she was denied access to loved ones who could have made her childhood so much better.  Parental alienation is a horrible form of child abuse.  Too many young people never recover from it.  Maybe it's pointless for me to wish karma to visit Ex... on the other hand, perhaps karma is visiting her now.

I hate July.  I'll be glad when it's August.


  1. I'm not a huge fan of July, either. I had to wrote, but my work hours are limited to an average of fifty hours per week over a four-week span with no weeek to exceed fifty-five hours, and so far it's actually enforced. I started out the week with a thirty-hour shift, which limited what I could do for the rest of the week. I worked ten hours on the 4th, but my landlord and his kids grilled steaks for me in honor of the holiday. I didn't miss the fireworks, either.

    I hope Zane is comfortable. Once I make it through the residency, I would like to pick up enough expertise in veterinary medicine to take care of the most basic medical needs of my own dogs and cats that I will eventually have. I would obviously let someone else handle surgery, but it would be nice to have the knowledge to handle routine issues. My dad has always treated our family pets.

    1. Sounds better than the hellish schedules I've heard interns have had to do in the past.

      Zane seems fine, other than being really picky about eating sometimes.

  2. My schedule is almost too good to be true and is barely half the hours my dad had to work as an intern. It was the reason I chose to come here. I would not get through a program that routinely demanded 100-hour work weeks. I get sick if I am overworked.

    1. Frankly, I would rather not see an overworked doctor. I don’t understand forcing people to work 100 hour work weeks.


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