Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Blog creepers... I'm watching you, you freak...

For the past couple of weeks, someone from Mesa, Arizona has been reading large portions of my blog in one sitting.  I notice this person came along in early June, stopped reading for a couple of weeks, then came back and started spending a lot of time reading my earliest posts.

I pay very close attention to the people who read my blogs.  It's pretty creepy when someone reads the whole thing in one sitting or comes back repeatedly to read large portions at once.  It makes me wonder why he or she finds me so interesting.  My guess is the person who is reading is female, but I could be wrong.  I pay attention to the posts where he or she spends the most time reading.  This person's patterns make me very suspicious.  However, he or she doesn't seem to want to take the hint and fuck off, so I'm going to put them on blast.  Have a look...  This is just from July.  Check out the first picture and you'll see there are 195 previous entries from last month.


I never knew I was this fascinating... or people had this much time on their hands.

I'm wondering if I should make my blog private again, just to get this creeper to go away.  I know... I write this stuff and you'd think I'd be flattered when people take an interest.  However, it's never been my desire to have a lot of people reading or following my blogs.  It's just a place for me to write what's on my mind and vent my spleen.  I leave it public for those who can relate.  But I can just as easily make it only open to selected people.  I'd rather not do that, but unfortunately Blogger doesn't make it easy to shitcan weirdos who stalk.

I could be way off base, but I have a strange feeling my husband's ex wife is behind this.  I don't know anyone in Mesa, Arizona, but Ex lived in Arizona for years.  Mesa is a very LDS area and Mormons are great at doing online research.  I would not be surprised if Ex has some friend out there who is doing some dirty work for her.  

Ex hates me.  I know she hates me because she sent Bill's daughter hateful emails about me and Bill.  For the record, Ex has never met me in person and, aside from this little read blog, I have never done anything to her, other than encourage Bill not to accept her abuse anymore.  If I saw Ex in person, I wouldn't recognize her.  I don't even really know what she looks like.  I've only seen a couple of pictures of her and she and I have never so much as been in the same room together.  If I have my way, we will never meet.  

I know that Catherine recently told Ex that she's talking to Bill again and Ex reacted very badly to the news.  She claims Bill abused her and was hateful to her...  narcissistic projection at its very finest.  My husband's ex wife sexually assaulted my husband.  There is physical proof of it, which my husband felt he had to lie about the last time he saw a urologist.  There is also emotional proof.  I'm sure Ex has conveniently forgotten about what she did to Bill, but he hasn't forgotten and I will never forget.    

So... person from Mesa, Arizona, if you are one of Ex's flying monkeys, let me just tell you that if you're hanging around with her, you're a fool.  And if obsessively reading my blog makes you or her feel better, have at it.  I know the truth about what happened.  Catherine is learning the truth.  If she's smart, she will eventually go no contact with her mother.  I can't help it if Ex succeeds in fully demonizing me and/or Bill.  Whether or not Bill's kids stay in touch with him is up to them.  We're going to be okay regardless.      

And if you're not one of Ex's flying monkeys, just know that your behavior is creepy and making me feel pretty hostile.  I'm watching you.    


  1. If the lurker's motives were purely benign, it would be nice if he or she were to leave a polite comment indicating a reason for his or her interest. There would be no guarantee of the person not being in some way affiliated with the psycho Cluster B ex, but still it would be nice.

    I have a forced nine days off because someone screwed up and allowed the two offspring (or, more correctly, daughter and son-in-law) of someone important at this hospital to staff the ER temporarily as visiting physicians here. We're for once over-staffed. Typically we would just be overstaffed, but the person in charge of scheduling is concerned about the budget. I don't totally understand why it is necessary as I'm still paid for vacation, but it supposedly has something to do with using surplus budget to pay me, the other intern, and the two visiting interns, then having to pay someone else overtime or locum tenens pay if the program is understaffed when we need to take out vacations. I was advised by my landlord, who is involved with the program, to go along with it this time but to complain if it happens again. We all have a right to have at least some say in when our vacation time happens and also to have reasonable notice. Had I been given reasonable notice, I might have planned a nice vacation somewhere like the Maritimes. I still could have gone somewhere other than back home, but I would have been by myself, which for me isn't optimal.as long as they don't do this to me again, it's not a problem.

    1. Wow... nine days. That’s a lot of time to be idle, especially if you’re an intern.

    2. My vacation time just got shorter. The other intern filed a formal grievance. It appears that the deal cut with the ER doctors from out of area wasn't authorized, but the hospital cannot expect us to drop what we're doing and run back, so we've been asked to try to get back by Friday. The HR director was most apologetic.

    3. I wasn't especially upset. I was going to ask if I could be docked pay rather than lose the vacation time because we only have three weeks sick leave and three week vacation for the whole year. Now it appears that we'll lose neither pay nor vacation time. I'm happy.

    4. Wow... that seems really generous. Are Canadians more humane about internships?

  2. In general they're more humane. In this particular situation I benefited from the other intern in the same boat making waves. I assumed there was a reason admin could jack us around because in my medical school situation, they actually could. Apparently contracts are honored at my present institution. Other than times around major holidays, which are usually blocked (we all get a week at some point that includes either Christmas Eve/Day or New Year's Eve/Day which doesn't count in out three weeks of vacation time. Otherwise, it's first-come, first served, except you can't fail to request vacation time, then wait until the end of the fiscal year and say, "Oops, I forgot to requesr; I uess I get the last three weeks of June off. Administration will schedule for you if you haven't scheduled priot to April. In other instances they cannot pick out vacation times for us.

    I have sort of a "designer residency." It's a combination of programs, and only one person every year is chosen for this program. It requires fewer hours, which makes it attractive even though it's almost in the Arctic circle. It's ideal for a person like me who cannot physically handle ninety-hour work weeks on a regular basis. It doesn't have the name attraction or glamour of some other residencies, but I have a decent chance of getting through the program.


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