Wednesday, July 4, 2018

A Walmart marketplace seller tries to sell "Impeach 45" shirts. Internet goes berserk.

Last night, I noticed a news article about an uproar that has developed over an item that was being sold on Walmart's Web site.  It was a t-shirt made by Old Glory, an American company that makes politically inspired t-shirts, that read "Impeach 45".  Many dimwitted Trump supporters hit up Walmart's Twitter page in droves, demanding to know why Walmart was selling the shirt or allowing a marketplace seller to sell it.  Walmart removed the listing, but not before it turned into one of the latest controversies.  Many people are calling for a Walmart boycott over the shirt.

I truly don't understand Republicans.  They claim to be all about "family values" and "making money", but they support a man whose policies and personal history are anything but "family friendly".  As for making money, Trump has a long record of making it at other people's great expense, doing everything he can to avoid paying what he owes and not being fiscally conservative.  Yes, he's tearing apart social programs that might help some of the families who might need help, but he spends his days golfing and tweeting.  I think Donald Trump is a perfectly miserable president.  I would happily wear an "Impeach 45" t-shirt if it were my habit to wear such things.

When I first read about this incident, I couldn't help but think that Walmart knows what sells.  Despite the fantasy that many Republicans seem to have that Trump is doing a great job, I think it's pretty obvious that a whole lot of people can't stand him.  So it makes sense that someone would make a t-shirt for those who hate Donald Trump's politics.  It's totally an American and capitalistic thing to do to sell an "Impeach 45" shirt.  I'm surprised Republicans, who also often crow about personal rights and freedoms, would be upset about this.  Why is it a problem?  If you believe in freedom, you should believe that businesses should be able to sell what they want.  Don't like it?  Don't buy it.

Walmart presumably sells things like MAGA hats and Trump gear.  Why can't they cater to the other side?  That's very American, isn't it?  Seems to me that Trumpsters must be feeling threatened if they can't allow America's favorite retailer to sell a crummy t-shirt.

I don't really have a horse in this race because I refuse to shop at Walmart anyway.  I haven't set foot in a Walmart in probably fifteen years.  When I am stateside, I make a point of not shopping there.  I have plenty of reasons for avoiding Walmart that range from the sensory overload that overtakes one during every shopping trip to the fact that Walmart's policies are historically very greedy.  And also... sad to say, Walmart attracts people who like Donald Trump and don't see what a vile person he is.  He's so shitty that even people in his ancestral hometown of Kallstadt, Germany are feeling the heat... especially the ones who share Trump's surname.

Of course, Walmart isn't the only business feeling the wrath of Republicans.  The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia is getting bombarded with fake one star reviews on Facebook.  I see Yelp! and TripAdvisor have wisely temporarily suspended allowing people to review it on their sites.  Why?  Because irate Republicans with single digit IQs are submitting fake reviews in an attempt to destroy the business.

I couldn't restrain myself from reviewing the Red Hen myself, even though I've never eaten there.  I figure the ratings are a joke at this point.  Most of the most recent ones were posted by butthurt conservatives who want to see Stephanie Wilkinson's restaurant sink into oblivion.  So I submitted a five star review, indicating that I have a lot of family in the area and will make it a point to stop in next time I'm in town.  I respect that Ms. Wilkinson stood up for her employees and if Trump supporters stay away, so much the better.  I notice I got a lot laughing reactions and comments, but I haven't bothered to read them.  Why?  Because I know what kind of people live in that area... and I know a lot of them are simpler than hammered dirt and have never actually gone anywhere where their perspectives were challenged.

Many Republicans talk endlessly about personal freedoms and avoiding big government, but they have no problem trying to dictate things like what a woman does with her body, access to birth control, who gets to marry whom, and immigration.  Too many of them support Trump's disgusting thug tactics and don't see the big picture of how this is affecting the rest of the world.

It's true... I used to think conservatism made sense.  But then I got out of small town Virginia and started to see the world.  I now live in a country that is comparatively very liberal.  I can't describe it as a socialist hellhole.  In fact, life here is very pleasant.  People seem happy.  There's less violence and people are free to enjoy what Germany has to offer without spending an arm and a leg to do it.  I can no longer say America is the greatest country on Earth because I've been to enough places that I easily see it has a long way to go before it's "great".  People from Lexington... well, the majority of them, anyway, basically live in a Republican bubble and are exposed to a limited mindset.  So they think Donald Trump is "cool", even though he's racist, raped his first wife, brags about grabbing women by the pussy, bullies people, and is just an insufferable asshole to everyone who doesn't toe his line.

It's sad that so many God fearing people admire Donald Trump.  I think that is just tragic.  He's no one to admire or respect.  He just happened to con Americans into voting for him.  The fact is, Trump doesn't care about you.  He doesn't give a shit about your issues.  He's interested in himself and those who help promote his interests.  Some of the people who voted for him are feeling stupid now, but there are still some out there who feel Trump needs them to boycott Walmart for allowing an "Impeach 45" t-shirt to be sold on their Web site.  So much for freedom.  So much for the American way.  So much for "Christian" and/or "family values".  What a joke.

Edited to add... I received a private message from someone who saw my review and decided I needed to be called a "cunt".  All I have to say is that it's too bad his father had access to his mother's cunt.


  1. I was most amused by the recent Walmart fiasco. On the west coast, Walmart's biggest customer base is probably shared by rednecks and hispanics; the chain is orobably unsure as to whom to placate. I, too, am a non-Walmart shopper. I am willing to cut off my nose to spite my face on this issue.

    I wish I had reason to travel to Virginia to patronize The Red Hen there.

    1. It amazes me how many Republicans, who claim to be in favor of freedom in their business practices, feel that they should dictate to Walmart what should be sold in their stores on on their Web site.

      Walmart did not survive in Germany. There are too many rules and workers' rights here.


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