Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"Banging leads to breastfeeding...", bad medicine, and unabashed admirers on SingSnap...

There are several pressing issues I could write about today, on this, the day before I turn 46.  I'm going to start with a little item I read about on "God's" Facebook page.  A woman named Kiley Tully tweeted a video sent to her by her parents, who happened to be on an airplane sitting a few rows ahead of a couple who had decided to fuck mid flight.  This couple, who evidently lost all sense of decorum as the atmosphere thinned, couldn't wait to land before engaging in the nasty.  Kiley's parents decided to share their neighbors' joy with the Internet.

The comments on God's post were pretty funny.  Some people wrote that they'd rather see this on their Facebook feed than than pictures of migrant children in cages.  More than a few people thought it was a bad thing that Tully's parents videoed the couple and shared what should have been a private moment.  The common rebuttal to that was that when the couple decided to have sex in a public space, their moment ceased to be private.  Others pointed out that some people have no problem with this couple having sex on a plane, but they complain about a woman breastfeeding in public.  And one lady came up with the gem of a comment that serves as today's blog post title.

It's true.  Banging does lead to breastfeeding.  Banging also leads to messes, which unsuspecting, paying customers on airplanes should not have to encounter.  As gross as airplane seats already are, imagine having to sit in one with fresh jism all over it.  It's beyond inconsiderate, not to mention unhygienic.  I normally try to have a "live and let live" attitude about some things, but this is pretty nasty.  Too bad the flight attendants didn't turn a hose on them.

Next... George Takei shared a post about a horrible ER doctor who was abusive to a patient having an anxiety attack.  20 year old Samuel Bardwell presented himself at the emergency department at El Camino Hospital in the Silicon Valley.  His doctor that day, one Beth Keegstra, failed to deliver compassionate care to the young man, who was there with his father.  She berated him for taking a bed when people in the hospital were dying and claiming that he was simply drug seeking.

I was pretty triggered listening to the video, taken by Bardwell's father.  I have written plenty about my own traumatic experience visiting a gynecologist for the first time.  Thanks to that awfulness, I don't go to doctors unless I am about to die.  I haven't seen a doctor since 2010, even though I'm getting old.  I can't bring myself to do it, mainly because I was treated similarly by the doctor who examined me.  She wasn't quite as horrible as Keegstra is, but the fact that I was naked and she had invasive instruments in me makes the doctor who examined me all the more of an asshole for not being kind and caring.

While many people think Bardwell was wrong for going to the ER, I think Keegstra's behavior is outrageous.  If Bardwell had been my son, I'd be going on the fucking warpath.  As it stands now, if I'm ever treated the way I was in 1995, when I was a little older than Bardwell is, I will complain loudly and publicly.  There is no way a healthcare professional should ever behave like this... especially given how much it costs to see a doctor these days.  Shame on Keegstra for being such a massive bitch.

Bad doctors must be outed.

And finally, yesterday I got private messages from some guy on SingSnap who thinks I'm pretty and sing well...  He says he wants to get to know me better.  I'm flattered, but there ain't no Tide in my window.  And while we're currently far away from each other, my mom still lives in the area where he is... so there actually could be a remote chance that I'd run into him.  :D

Maybe I shouldn't post this, but it does give me food for thought.  The very fact that he tries so hard to reassure me it will be alright tells me that his intentions may not be pure.

The above scenario doesn't happen to me that often.  It never has... not even when I was younger.  On the few times it has happened, I have felt an unpleasant mixture of unease, flattery, and embarrassment.  I actually felt uncomfortable telling this guy that I felt getting too personal would be inappropriate.  It's awkward to have to do that when you're not the type of person who likes to be "bitchy".    

I suppose it would have been better to just block the guy, but that seems hostile.  So instead, I wrote the above response and changed my profile picture to one prominently including my husband.  Hopefully, the message will come across loud and clear.  If it doesn't, then I'll be hostile.  With any luck, I won't have to do that on my birthday tomorrow.

I guess if there's a common theme to these three subjects, it's that people are always recording.  Act like a fool, and you will be outed, one way or another.


  1. Los Gatos is twenty miles from my medical school. I was horrified when I saw that video. As for those who feel the guy shouldn't have been in the hospital in the first place, they obviously don't have much experience with benzodiazepine withdrawal. While it is somewhat self-inflicted for anyone who has a prescription and can afford the co-pay (if any), anyone who inflicts the condition on himself is in serious need of help. If I weren't a healthcare professional capable of treating the condition, I would certainly take my kid to an ER if I observed symptoms consistent with benzo withdrawal.

    When glorified temp agencies are used to fill professional positions, we're going to have idiots and/or personnel without professionalism, ethics, or morals, i.e. of the calibre of Keegstra, on the job. (Some school districts use literal temp agencies [Kelly services et al] to contract substitute teachers. While of a different nature, this, too, is a disaster-in-waiting.) The hospital wants no ownership of the doctor's actions because she was sub-contracted. I personally think they cannot claim impunity by handing over the duties of human resources off to whatever clerical workers are manning the desks at Vituity. It makes them, if anything, more culpable, not less.

    1. I found that video very triggering. The doctor who fucked me up wasn't quite that dismissive and rude, but the disdain was the same.

  2. I would probably rather see the amorous and inappropriate airplane couple than the crying children at the border crossing, too, if only because public displays of eroticism are annoying but harmless for adults. I hate seeing images of what's going on at the border, but I think it's probably necessary that those pictures be blasted in everyone's faces until there is such an outcry that the separation practice as it's currently happening ceases. If there needs to be a brief separation of up to a few hours to process the applicants for whatever, and ifparents are given time to explain to their little ones what is happening and that they will be back together shortly, I could accept it. What's happening is something for which society will ultimately pay, I fear. Studies done after the Chowchilla kidnapping showed that one truly traumatic event in the otherwise stable life of a child can cause irreparable harm. By the time all the living first ladies are banding together to decry this action (and I have to give Melania Trump props for it; she was in a tougher position than were any of the others in speaking out against it), those in power should be looking long and hard at the way things are being done.

    There have been several times already in my not-actually-started-yet career that I felt like saying things to patients (nothing like what the bitch said, though), but thought ahead of how my words might come across without the context of what happened and what was spoken immediately before and after, and I held my tongue. I don't desire to be famous anyway, but even if I did, I wouldn't want it to be for an Internet sensation YouTube video of my saying something that appeared, in isolation, to have been unprofessional. In the coming years I will have to become even more proficient at holding my tongue.

    Nothing the witch said was taken out of context, though.

    1. Yes... I can't help but see the ripple effects that come from early childhood trauma. Look at Bill's ex wife and all of the lives she has negatively affected with her craziness. The children involved in this mess will be traumatized by this and there will be some who will never get over it. That will affect everyone in contact with them. I am also shocked and horrified by how many Americans are perfectly fine with this situation, too. They smugly say those parents shouldn't have brought their children and "broken the law". I have to wonder what those people would say if they lived in a place where their lives were in danger every day.

      The lack of compassion and ignorance among many Americans is sickening.


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