Friday, June 1, 2018

A good place for a birthday spanking?

Just for shits and giggles, I decided to do a little shopping for our next quick getaway.  We live in an area where it's easy to see interesting places without traveling too far.  I've been wanting to visit Heidelberg again.  We last went there in the fall of 2008 and had a great time.  At that point, it was easy to board our dogs with someone we trusted.  Now, it's a bit harder to arrange pet free trips, since the facility we used to use has fallen into disrepute and our current guy is frequently booked well in advance.

Europe is a very pet friendly place, on the whole.  It's not hard to find hotels and restaurants that will accommodate dogs.  However, since our dogs can be noisy, I tend to be picky about where we book.  I prefer apartments or even houses to hotel rooms.  Heidelberg seems to be in short supply of pet friendly apartments, but I did find an ad for very special accommodations.

The apartment is pet friendly, offers free WiFi, and free parking.  And it's also outfitted for kinky people.  Below is the description from

This discreet apartment in Heidelberg offers love hotel-style accommodation. All sexual preferences are welcome here, whether BDSM, fetishists, swingers, hetero-, homo- or bisexual.

Newly furnished in 2017, Exclusiv-Mietapartment-Heidelberg offers stylishly furnished rooms as well a 40 m² outdoor terrace made of high-quality granite, that cannot be seen from the outside.

There is also a fully equipped kitchen, a designed Mediterranean-style bathroom, 2 beds (with bedding) as well as a BDSM area.

Our individual care will make every stay a pleasure of the senses. Groups are restricted to up to around 20 people.

Rohrbach is a great choice for travelers interested in culture, scenery and walking.

The landlady, name of Angela, writes this in German.  I used Google Translate for the English version.

The Exclusiv-SM apartment is the first address in Heidelberg where erotic and frivolous fantasies can be lived out uninhibited. The beautiful apartment in Baden-Württemberg has been completely rebuilt, is easily accessible from all directions. On more than 150 square meters of total unbridled pleasure is nothing more, the apartment offers stylish rooms, as well as a non-visible terrace 40qm (outdoor area) with high-quality granite, a fully equipped kitchen, new mediteran designed bathroom, 3 beds (including bed linen and towels ), as well as a BDSM area which is available for holistic satisfaction. Our individual care makes every stay a pleasure of the senses. Breathtaking events and encounters are guaranteed although for groups 20-30 people, BDSM, Fetish, Swinger, Bi or Gay, our doors are open to all passions and preferences. Thus, birthday parties or smaller private parties of any kind are feasible. Whether BDSM, fetishist or swingers, hetero, bi or gay, our doors are open to all passions and preferences.

The apartment is located in a commercial building without direct neighbors. Also in the house there are no other residents! This allows uninhibited activities of our guests. We are here in a commercial area, a large shopping center is about 500 meters away. Everything is very anonymous and safe! Highest discretion is guaranteed! Also high-quality vehicles can be safely accommodated for free.

I'll be honest.  I'm actually a little intrigued by this concept.  Bill and I are a trifle kinky ourselves, but we don't really do anything kinky anymore.  I guess we're getting too old.  There was a time, though, when I wrote erotic fiction.  In fact, that was kind of how I attracted Bill.  We met in a chat room on a certain defunct Web site and I started writing fiction as a creative outlet when I was in graduate school.  Bill really liked my writing, but he also thought I was smart and funny.  I'm sure, compared to his ex wife, I did come off as pretty bright.  We are also very compatible on many levels, including our kink (which is admittedly more of the vanilla variety).  

I'm not sure I'm into the BDSM flavored decor in the apartment, although I am very impressed by the equipment in the place.  It comes equipped with a cage, a swing, a table for birching, chains on the bed, and stocks.  The hostess even supplies handcuffs, although Bill has his own pair.  In fact, that was the very first gift I ever gave him.  She only has one rating from a guy named Holger.  He didn't write a review, but left a rating of 10.  He must have had a great time!  I see that this apartment does not accommodate children, but there are baby gates listed as included amenities.  Maybe that's for adult baby fetishists?  

Frankly, I'm kind of tempted...  At the very least, it would make for a really fun travel blog post.  However, I'm not sure Bill will want to take the plunge, even though it is supposedly a very private accommodation.  Bill may have a devilish and slightly kinky side, but I'm not sure he's wild enough to openly embrace Germany's more liberal sex culture.  I do have a birthday coming up, though...  This place might make for the perfect location for me to get a birthday spanking, complete with one to grow on. 


  1. I'm not a bDSM expert, but the place sound downright conventional in comparison to that hotel for adult babies.

    1. Bwahahaha... I think I'd want to go over it with a black light.


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