Saturday, May 12, 2018

Zack Morris is trash...

I probably could and should write about something serious right now, but I kind of don't feel like it.  Instead, I want to write about a funny YouTube channel I recently found.  These people make videos that basically summarize half hour sitcom episodes or "very special episodes".  They have a bunch dedicated to the 90s era Saturday kids' show, Saved By The Bell, which they post on a channel called "Zack Morris is Trash".  Although I like the "very special episodes", I especially like the Zack Morris is Trash episodes.  When it comes down to it, he really was trash.

Check out a few of these choice episodes of this hilarious YouTube series.  How many ways was Zack Morris trash?  Let us count...

Fat shaming...

Being a dick to a movie star who happens to like smoking weed.

Tricking his friends into joining a school military project for his own personal gain.

Zack makes a paralyzed girl feel like shit.

And... driving drunk!

These are just a few of the videos from this series.  They are pretty damned funny.  I didn't actually watch Saved By The Bell until I was in college.  All of the guys on my hall thought Tiffani Thiessen was hot.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll be ready to write something more weighty.  For now, I think I'll watch more of these videos and drink some beer.