Saturday, May 12, 2018

Zack Morris is trash...

I probably could and should write about something serious right now, but I kind of don't feel like it.  Instead, I want to write about a funny YouTube channel I recently found.  These people make videos that basically summarize half hour sitcom episodes or "very special episodes".  They have a bunch dedicated to the 90s era Saturday kids' show, Saved By The Bell, which they post on a channel called "Zack Morris is Trash".  Although I like the "very special episodes", I especially like the Zack Morris is Trash episodes.  When it comes down to it, he really was trash.

Check out a few of these choice episodes of this hilarious YouTube series.  How many ways was Zack Morris trash?  Let us count...

Fat shaming...

Being a dick to a movie star who happens to like smoking weed.

Tricking his friends into joining a school military project for his own personal gain.

Zack makes a paralyzed girl feel like shit.

And... driving drunk!

These are just a few of the videos from this series.  They are pretty damned funny.  I didn't actually watch Saved By The Bell until I was in college.  All of the guys on my hall thought Tiffani Thiessen was hot.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll be ready to write something more weighty.  For now, I think I'll watch more of these videos and drink some beer.


  1. Sometimes "Saved by the Bell" is perfect.

    Some guy really took offense to an old blog of mine about the Lawrence Welk show. in that particular blog, I said harsh things about the Semonski sisters but was complimentary in regard to everyone else I mentioned specifically. The guy must have been an extreme fan of the Semonskis. He closed his comment by calling me a fucking moron. C'est la vie. Fortunately for me, I have relatively thick skin.

    1. Ha ha ha!!! I love watching Lawrence Welk. That guy can sit and spin.


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