Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Unfortunate comments from Republicans...

I'm beginning to think of Twitter as a noose for racist celebrities.  Roseanne Barr is the latest to fall into the Twitter trap.  Her reboot of her 90s era hit show, Roseanne, has just been canceled because she referred to Valerie Jarrett as the birth product of the Muslim brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.

Roseanne's unfortunate tweet.

Personally, I don't give a shit that Roseanne's show has been canceled.  I never watched the original show, since it aired when I was in college and had little access to television.  I didn't bother to watch the reboot, either.  The one time I saw her perform was before she had a hit show.  I think she was on an HBO special.  I have a high tolerance for crass humor, but I didn't think she was very funny at all.  The one joke I remember was when she said, "You don't think I'm feminine?  Well, suck my dick!"


Roseanne Barr in her prime.  Not too offensive here, though...

I do think it's a pity that Roseanne's inability to refrain from being racist has cost so many people their jobs.  Think about it.  It's not just the other actors on the show who are being screwed by this.  It's also everyone who works on the show: producers, directors, camera operators, caterers, hairstylists, dog trainers, whatever...  Hopefully, those people will be alright in the wake of this.

It also affects advertisers, who were making money from the products advertised on the show, as well as ABC itself, which made millions from selling the ads.  So, a lot of people far removed from show business will be affected by Roseanne's racism.  On the other hand, maybe some other talented comic will get a shot at stardom since Roseanne has been benched.  

I never got into Twitter much myself.  I have an account, but I think I've tweeted fewer than 1000 times in the years I've been on Twitter.  I think I avoid it because I don't like having my words and characters limited.  Just read any of my blogs and you'll know I'm not a woman of few words.  I like to be free to express myself as I wish.  I probably should pay more attention to it, though, since shit erupts there all the time.  I think it's more volatile than Facebook is.

Speaking of dumb politicians...  

This morning, I read that Representative Diane Black (R-Tennessee) thinks that school shootings are the result of too much pornography.  Ms. Black, who is 67 years old and running for governor of Tennessee, says:

Wow.  Is she serious?  Way to mix agendas.

Apparently, Black, who did not clarify her comments with reasons why porn is responsible for gun violence, claims that the shootings are the result of broken families, mental illness, and violent movies.  Her comments about porn, then, are probably actually a statement about how so-called morals have degraded.  People have quit going to church and having dinner together.  Kids are not being spanked as much.  Mom and Dad are not raising their children; instead, they let them watch movies and TV, listen to R rated music, and play video games.  And that's all causing teenaged boys to go crazy and shoot up schools.  Right.

There could be some truth to Black's comments about families going bust and that being a root cause of school violence, but I think that has more to do with the fact that so many people have to work long hours just to stay afloat financially.  It's hard to have a family life when you work twelve hour days and sit in traffic for another hour or two.  It's hard to have much family bonding when you can't afford to take vacations or even so much as a day off of work.  It's hard to even want to enjoy your time off when you're stressed and tired all the time.    

According to experts quoted in the article I read this morning, "poor social, economic and cultural conditions are primary drivers of gun violence.  Enacting policies to improve those conditions for people, along with reducing access to firearms, would go a long way in stemming mass shootings."

I think a lot of people feel hopeless.  Feeling hopeless leads to depression and apathy.  It also leads to anxiety.  A lot of people are struggling and nothing is being done to ease their burdens.  That trickles down to young people, who see what kind of world they will be inheriting.  While I would never condone violence, I do sort of see why so many young people are freaking out.  We live in a freaky world.

But for the record, no... I don't think porn is what is causing school shootings.  I think stress is causing it.  Sometimes I lament that I will be 46 next month.  Then I realize that I would not want to be 16 again for anything.  I thought growing up was hard in the late 1980s.  I'm sure it's much worse now. 

On another note...

We seem to be in the middle of a political tug of war in the United States.  I mean, we've always had political tugs of war, but it seems worse than ever right now.  I have a feeling that in November, there will be a massive turnout of voters and the Democrats will score a lot of victories.  Some people think that's a good thing.  One Facebook friend went so far as to tell all his friends to vote Democrat no matter what.

I find it offensive when someone else presumes to tell me how I should vote.  I don't vote for political parties.  I vote for people.  I don't care how many times you explain to me how the election system in the United States works.  I'm not voting Democrat simply to vote Democrat.  I am not convinced Democrats are necessarily any better than Republicans are.  Most politicians seem pretty dirty to me.  I will vote my conscience.  If that means my candidate doesn't win, so be it.  I think the system needs to change.  It probably won't in my lifetime, but as long as people keep voting for the same types of people, it most assuredly won't change.

I think some Republicans are decent people.  I think some Democrats are decent people.  There are plenty of rotten folks in both parties.  I usually vote for third party candidates anyway, because a lot of times, they seem saner and less beholden to lobbyists.  But yeah... I do think we'll see a lot more Democrats voted in next year.  Whether or not that will be a good thing will remain to be seen.  I don't like to see overwhelming influence on either side of the political spectrum.  


  1. I don't actually know who your Facebook friends are, but i could make a wild guess as to whom it was who told everyone to vote Demecratic no matter what. Why do people say such things? even if one feels very, very strongly about a political issue, does that person honestly believe that others base their voting practices on what they read on Facebook?

    My first thought upon hearing about the cancellation of Roseanne's reboot was of the many people who lost their jobs. In addition to the lack civility of the comment in its own right, how very selfish she was to Tweet something that ultimately cost so many people their jobs.

    I grew up watching either the original Roseanne series or the reruns. i really don't know which. My dad thought it was terrible and wouldn't let us watch it, but he was away from home frequently, and my mom found the show to be quite funny.

    I initially found Roseanne to be funny, but once she turned into a rabid and racist Trumper, that changed.

    1. I always found her obnoxious. Which is very strange, because I'm usually pretty forgiving toward obnoxiousness.


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