Thursday, May 3, 2018

Hello again, France...

We're headed to southeastern France today.  I have been looking forward to this trip for weeks.

Yesterday, I was a little scared Zane might ruin things for Bill and me.  I took him for a walk and he and Arran were very energetic and excited.  As we were walking through a buttercup filled field, both dogs were running hard and loving it.  Zane was doing switchbacks and hairpin turns like he did when he was a puppy.  I love watching the dogs when they're like this, especially since they're getting old.

I watched the boys frolic with unbridled joy and, for a second, wanted to shoot a video.  Then, I suddenly thought to myself, "Zane is going to hurt himself."

Two seconds later, he was limping pretty badly as my prediction came true.  Many expletives were expressed as we hobbled back to the house.  I gave Zane some Hemp My Pet, since on Wednesday afternoons, a lot of doctors don't work in Germany.  That's true for the dogs' vet, too.

By the dogs' dinnertime, Zane was looking a little less gimpy.  I gave him a little more Hemp My Pet and by the time Bill got home, he wasn't limping as much.  Supposedly, hemp has anti-inflammatory  properties.  I don't know if that's what helped Zane, but he's definitely looking more chipper this morning.  We aren't taking the dogs with us on this trip, so it's good that Zane is feeling better.

Anyway, we're hoping for decent weather and the chance to relax a bit.  We will be near Annecy, which is a city I've been wanting to see for awhile.  If we get some sunlight, maybe I'll have some beautiful photos to share.  It's a bit cloudy this morning.

I look forward to the change of scenery and routine.  Stay tuned for pictures!


  1. I didn't know previously that hemp my pet existed. It sounds like a great product.

    1. It’s kind of overpriced, but it agrees with Zane.


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