Sunday, May 13, 2018

Annoying fake "scareware" scams...

Somehow, I stumbled across a Web site that randomly pops up on my computer, usually when I'm least expecting it.  It's a fake ad from Apple Care that has an extremely annoying beep that sounds, which invariably startles me and demands my attention.

When I hit the page, I get told my computer is infected with three viruses and needs to be cleaned right now in order to avoid "permanent damage".  Of course, I know this is a bullshit scam ad aimed at scaring me into downloading some junky malware that will mess up my computer even more than it already is.

I scanned my computer this morning with a legitimate program.  It's clean.  Even if it wasn't clean, I'm thinking about replacing it soon anyway, because it's starting to show signs of breaking down.  I beat the hell out of my computers and it's rare for one to last me longer than a few years.  I've had this one for almost four years and it shows.  So no, I won't be downloading any fake scareware for this computer.  However, I would like to get rid of that annoying ad with its loud beep that invariably shocks me out of whatever it is I'm trying to do.

I probably need to quit using Safari, Apple's crappy browser, because I have a feeling this would not be a problem if I used Chrome or Firefox.  But old habits die hard and I have a longstanding habit of using Safari.

The people who make these scammy malware programs ought to be kneecapped for the loud beeping sound alone.

I had a more substantial topic in mind for today, but it slipped my brain.  I might be back later.


  1. I detest the sound of that beep. It sounds farm more alarming than the sound my phone made in Hawaii when the threat of a nuclear missile was wrongly reported.

    1. Seriously. Screw the people who make that crap. It's almost as bad as doorbells in commercials.


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