Saturday, April 14, 2018

You're a little psycho. Have a good night.

This morning, I'm having a good laugh because one of my ex Mormon friends posted an article about Donald Trump's legal woes.  Because a lot of ex Mormons are Republicans, the article drew a lot of responses, including the one below.

This woman is in dire need of a passport.

The first response after this fiery rant was this.

For some reason, this comment made me laugh my ass off.

There were more delusional comments on this thread, including one from a guy who thinks the United States is the best country in the world.  Whenever I read something like that, I can't help but think that Americans need to travel more.  There was a time when I was much younger that I thought America was the best country.  Now that I've lived abroad and traveled more, I can no longer say that.    I much prefer Germany to the US, especially right now.

Whenever anyone brings up Trump's penchant for molesting women, the other side brings up Bill Clinton.  But, you know, even though Clinton was also a "pussy grabber", he was at least competent and intelligent.

Phew...  I'm sorry, but Trump is no Clinton and Clinton is no Trump.

And the civilized discourse continues...

Seriously.  I don't get people who continue to defend Donald Trump.  He's a disaster.  Moreover, I don't understand the arrogance of so many Americans who think that the United States is the end all and be all of places to be from.  Honestly, it makes no sense at all.  In fact, while I'm sure Bill and I will have to move back there at some point, neither of us are in a hurry.  In fact, we don't even want to visit.

Anyway, this thread on Facebook is public and it's very entertaining...  If you have a few minutes and want a laugh, I recommend checking it out.  

ETA:  Sorry... I have to add this last bit because I've been laughing about it for the past half hour.  I couldn't resist jumping into the fray myself.

I love the word "ridiculous". 


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