Friday, April 6, 2018

Bob Nonini wants women who have abortions to face the death penalty...

Last night, just as I was about to drift off to dreamland, I got a message from a reader through this blog's Facebook page.  If she's reading today, I want to send out a thank you, especially since I think yesterday's post might have offended some people.  Not only did she provide a tip for today's rant, she also says she's been reading for two years.  That's really nice to know and gives me an incentive to keep blogging.  Actually, I'll probably keep blogging regardless of whether anyone reads.  It gives me something constructive to do.

Anyway, the reader directed me to an article about Idaho Republican lieutenant governor candidate Bob Nonini, who says that "punishing women with the death penalty would cut abortions."  Nonini, who is a devout Catholic, thinks that abortion should be outlawed in all situations, maintaining that there's "always another way".  He says that if abortion is ever criminalized in Idaho, the death penalty should be on the table as a possible punishment.

A news report on this...  Nonini is, understandably, backtracking a bit.

Nonini's comments originally came out Monday, when he was participating in a candidate forum hosted by the conservative Christian podcast, CrossPolitic.  The day after the podcast, Nonini appeared to soften his stance somewhat, explaining that "prosecutions have always been focused on the abortionist.  There is no way a woman would go to jail let alone face the death penalty.  The statute alone, the threat of prosecution, would dramatically reduce abortion.  That is my goal.”

Nonini adds that his wife, Cathyanne, also a devout Catholic, does not share his creepy attitude toward killing women desperate enough to have an abortion.  Neither do most other candidates, who prefer to focus on preventing unintended pregnancies and simply making it more difficult for women to access abortion clinics.

Now that I've read up on Nonini, I am doubly glad I waited until morning to learn about his campaign to end access to safe, legal abortions and put even more people in prison.  I'm pretty sure reading about this last night would have made getting to sleep more difficult.  As I sit here right now, my ears are burning.

I am convinced Bob Nonini is a sociopath with serious issues.

I don't think Bob Nonini has really thought too long and hard about the logistics of his proposal.  First of all, the United States already incarcerates a whole lot of people.  Although Americans make up 4.4% of the world's population, in 2013, the United States housed about 22% of the world's prisoners.  It's expensive on many levels to imprison that many people.  I'm not just referring to the actual cost of locking people up; I'm referring to their loss of livelihood and how it affects their families.  There is a financial and emotional cost to the loved ones of prisoners, especially when there are children involved.

Some of the women Nonini would put on death row for having an abortion would already be mothers.  Their children, who no doubt were of utmost importance to Nonini and his ilk when they were still in utero, would then be left without a parent.  In many cases, they might even wind up as wards of the state, draining tax dollars.  Seems to me that breaking up families in that fashion would not be very "family friendly", which I always thought was a concept the Republican party championed.  I guess not...  at least not in Nonini's case.

People who are on death row require a much higher level of security than regular offenders do.  Moreover, because of the seriousness of the death penalty, cases that involve it are much more expensive than other cases are.  Why?  Because we're talking about executions and the death penalty is an irreversible punishment.  While the actual execution doesn't cost that much, the legal processes that lead up to it are very expensive, and they typically take years to complete.  So a woman who was sentenced to death for having an abortion may sit in a prison cell for years before she finally gets hit with the needle, and that time in prison costs taxpayers a lot of money, as do all of the court costs associated with death penalty cases.  It's much cheaper to imprison people than put them to death.  Since Nonini is a Republican, and Republicans are supposedly all about fiscal responsibility, I would think that would also be a consideration for him.

But aside from the expense and impracticality of imprisoning and executing women who have abortions, Nonini's attitude about abortion is just creepy, cruel, and hyper-controlling.  Despite his assertion that there's "always another option", he's just plain wrong that abortion is never medically necessary.  Some women are put in the heartbreaking position of having to choose between having an abortion and staying alive, or not having an abortion and dying.  And frankly, those women's specific medical situations are none of Nonini's business.

One thing we do still have in the United States is the right to privacy when it comes to healthcare, even though healthcare costs an arm and a leg.  And that's yet another point Nonini doesn't seem to have thought much about.  How are all of those women who so wantonly got "knocked up" going to pay for their unintended pregnancies?  It's not cheap to have a baby, and Republicans seem hellbent on doing all they can to make medical care unaffordable.

I find people like Bob Nonini completely terrifying.  I know he's Catholic and Catholics are against abortion... and a host of other things involving sex.  But don't Catholics also encourage compassion?  If you're pro-life, why would you want to threaten people with the death penalty?  Do pro-lifers like Nonini only care about the pre-born?  Why is there such an emphasis on using the threat of state endorsed homicide to keep women in line?

My guess is that Nonini must have a deep seated hatred of women and a strong desire to control them.  I hope to God he doesn't get elected.  He has no compassion and will only work for those who want religion to intrude into the government.  I don't know what is in the water in the United States right now, but somehow these power hungry politicians are taking over the country and turning it into the very antithesis of a "free" country.  I pray the people of Idaho are wise to this man's agenda do not elect him... but sadly, Idaho was all in favor of electing Donald Trump, so maybe it's a lost cause.  Idaho has a long history of electing clueless wackos, too; most of whom are apparently compassion challenged males who would never have to worry about being put to death for having an abortion.