Friday, March 16, 2018

The Roof family is in the news again...

Remember Dylann Roof?  On June 17, 2015, he invaded a prayer meeting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and shot nine black people, including senior pastor and state senator Clementa C. Pinckney.  Dylann Roof is a notorious white supremacist and he's now facing the death penalty for his crimes.  As of last year, he's sitting in Terre Haute, Indiana, awaiting his fate to be carried out by the feds.

A few weeks after Dylann Roof's crime, his older sister, Amber, was in the news.  Why?  Because she had a GoFundMe account to recoup money she lost when she decided to postpone her wedding in the wake of her brother's crimes.  I remember being kind of shocked by the campaign, although I had some empathy for the woman.  After all, weddings are expensive and she wasn't the one who had actually committed the crimes.  In time, I forgot about her and her younger brother.

Yesterday, the world became aware of yet another member of Dylann Roof's notorious family.  18 year old Morgan Roof apparently had issues with the National School Walkout Day that was held on Wednesday to protest gun violence.  She posted a disturbing racist comment on Snapchat:

“Your walking out for the allowed time of 17min, they are letting you do this, nothing is gonna change what tf you think it’s gonna do?” the caption reads. “I hope it’s a trap and y’all get shot we know it’s fixing to be nothing but black people walkin out anyway.”

Some students at her high school, A.C. Flora in Columbia, South Carolina (same school actress Kristin Davis attended), were concerned about the post.  Evidently, someone reported Ms. Roof and an administrator contacted a school resource officer.  Roof was eventually arrested and charged with bringing drugs and weapons on school property.  She was found with marijuana, a knife, and pepper spray.

After Ms. Roof was transported to the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center in Columbia, a judge set her bond at $5000.  She is barred from returning to campus.

I look at her picture and think she's an attractive, normal looking young woman.  Why are she and her brother so racist?  As tacky as I thought Amber Roof was for trying to crowdfund her wedding expenses, I now think that like most oldest children, Amber is the pick of the litter.  

I lived in Columbia, South Carolina for three years when I was attending graduate school.  I know there are a lot of racists in South Carolina, although I did enjoy my stay there.  Still, to be so egregiously racist, especially when one's brother is a notorious white supremacist and sitting on death row, makes me wonder what in the hell went on in that family.  But then, I can see that even South Carolina's governor, Henry McMaster, was disgusted by the student protests.  McMaster is about to run for re-election and his challenger, Catherine Templeton, was also accusing liberals of using teenagers as "political pawns" to forward a gun control agenda.

Governor McMaster's thoughts on the protest...

Well...  I don't have any kids of my own, so I have no dog in this fight, really.  To me, it seems simple enough that teenagers are fed up with kids being killed while they are at school.  Moreover, while teens are young and inexperienced, one does not have to be politically savvy to be against kids being shot at public schools.  These shootings have been going on for years and it just keeps getting worse! Do these politicians really believe that students should simply bow their heads and pray and hope the problem magically gets solved?

I am not against people owning guns for sport or personal protection.  I am against guns that can kill dozens of people in a short period of time.  I am against people showing up at public venues, randomly picking off innocents who are simply trying to watch a movie, enjoy a concert, or finish their education.  Something desperately has to be done.  

Now... I am not exactly certain what will come of the National School Walkout Day.  I'm not sure what ultimate effect the millions of young people who left school for seventeen minutes will have on our laws.  But at least it's something.  It's peaceful.  And teenagers aren't stupid.  They are on the brink of adulthood and it won't be long before they are among the decision makers in our country.  They can certainly speak out against gun violence in schools, and they should!  

As for Morgan Roof, I hope she gets the help she so obviously needs.  At the rate she's going, she's going to end up in prison herself.



  1. Those Roofs are a class act. the one with the GoFundMe account probably was, indeed,the pick of the litter.

    1. I think it's very sad. They would have been kids when I was living in South Carolina. I could have encountered them when I was in social work.


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