Sunday, March 25, 2018

The NRA versus Planned Parenthood...

This morning, as I was adjusting to Daylight Savings Time (it starts two weeks later in Germany), I happened to notice a Facebook post by a conservative friend of mine.  He is a gun enthusiast and, I guess, is dismayed by all of the people who decided to protest against gun violence yesterday.  A lot of people have been making comments about the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has been very vocal against gun control.

Dana Loesch, spokesperson for the NRA, makes ads basically deriding liberals and the media who are calling for stricter controls on guns...

Thanks to the most recent school shootings and continuing trends of gun violence, lots of high school students are fed up and have taken to the streets in protest.  The NRA has come up many times in their impassioned speeches calling for more safety.  To be honest, I really can't blame them for being angry and scared.  It's getting to the point at which one can't go to school, enjoy a concert, take in a movie, or simply worship in church without wondering if a gun toting psycho is going to start shooting.  It's truly scary what's going on in America right now.

I have never been anti-gun.  I married a Soldier who knows how to fire weapons.  He doesn't own a gun at this time, but he has talked about getting one.  I have never had an issue with it... at least, not until now.  I do think there are too many guns in America.  I have to say, even though I am American, living in Germany has given me a different perspective.  This isn't to say that Germany doesn't have issues with violence, but there just simply isn't as much of it here and it's NICE!

Anyway... my conservative friend posted this comment.

Well... I suppose on the surface I can agree with this sentiment.  The NRA isn't literally murdering children.  What it does seem to be doing is loudly condemning any attempts to stem the flow of gun violence.  It seems like people in the NRA want everyone to vote Republican so they can keep their guns.  Sorry, but that puts idiots like Trump in office.

But you know... at least I could understand where my friend was coming from when he posted the comment above.  The NRA isn't literally murdering children.  But it is calling for the continued ability for people like Nikolas Cruz, Dylann Roof, and Adam Lanza to be able to buy weapons that will kill a lot of young people.

Then I noticed he had a comment from a female friend, who brought up Planned Parenthood.  This comment was a real headscratcher for me...

It's true that Planned Parenthood does provide abortions and is, in fact, the "biggest abortion provider in the country..."

However, Planned Parenthood also provides many other services...  services that can be lifesaving to people who have already been born.  Moreover, it seems to me that it's a whole lot crueler for someone to be born and know the fear of dying than it is to have an abortion.  Developing fetuses don't have any concept of death.  Teenagers in high schools who worry about being shot, do.  

I truly can't wrap my head around those who condemn abortion, but apparently have no problem with anyone and everyone owning a weapon that can snuff out the lives of multiple people within minutes.  Honestly, I don't believe that people who are against abortion care for developing fetuses.  They are interested in controlling women, plain and simple, right down to forcing them to have babies they aren't prepared to have.  Moreover, guns are made simply for injuring and killing living beings.  At least Planned Parenthood helps people maintain their health.  You can't really say that about guns, unless they're being used for self-protection or maybe to put meat on the table.  I'd be willing to bet that more people's lives are saved or improved by Planned Parenthood than by the NRA.  

I can barely stand to listen to Dana Loesch speak.  I recognize her right to speak, but I can't stand to listen to her.  I would not want to be a teenager in today's world.  It's gotten so scary on so many levels.  I'm heartened to see young people taking a stand and speaking out about gun violence.  Too many teenagers made it safely out of their mothers' wombs, only to be gunned down when they are on the brink of adulthood.  Frankly, I think abortion might have been the kinder way for them to go.  But then, I think about their families and friends who had the opportunity to know them... and I realize that their lives mattered, short as they were.  

The ones who have not been killed at their schools are right to speak out about the gun violence.  Many Americans are horrified by the bloody trend overtaking our country right now.  We have so many child safety laws that did not exist when I was growing up.  Kids can't even take peanut butter sandwiches to many schools now because there might be one kid in the entire school who has a deadly allergy.  And yet, children are still being slaughtered at school by gun toting nut cases.  Seems to me, if the NRA was responsible and its conservative members are as pro-life as they claim to be, they'd be calling for some reasonable laws restricting people from getting their hands on weapons that will extinguish so many young, promising lives... and they would be just as vehement about that as they are about preventing pregnant women from making choices about what happens to their bodies.

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