Monday, March 19, 2018

The case of the Baptist newspaper editor and the gay couple...

After I posted yesterday's story about the newspaper editor who removed references to a gay man's husband, I went to the Olton Enterprise's Facebook page.  I was truly confused about what happened. As I wrote yesterday, many newspapers charge for obituaries of any length.  I know some don't charge for "death notices", but if a person wants to include any information other than the "who, what, when, and where"-- perhaps adding the "why", they usually have to pay for it.  So I posed this question.

Um... does this paper print obituaries for free? Because obituaries are usually paid notices and they don't come cheaply.

A couple of people wrote that, in fact, the obituary was submitted as "news" rather than an obituary.

As I was editing this, another comment was added...

I must admit, I'm still confused by the information that this was run as "news" rather than an obituary.  Perhaps I would need to see the article in question.  Did the paper report on Brenda Light's actual manner of death?  Did she die in an accident or during the commission of a crime?  If that's the case, I could see why her death would be considered "news".  

I still wonder why, if gay marriage is now legal in all fifty states and this couple is, in fact, married, the editor felt he had the right to remove information about Barry Giles' spouse.  It would be one thing if the editor knew for a fact that the two men weren't legally married.  Based on what I've read so far, they are an official couple.  If they were married and licensed, then despite Phillip Hamilton's Biblical convictions and apparent distaste for homosexuality, the two men are legally family.

The discussion is kind of entertaining.  It seems like a case of two "big city" gay men and a small town full of conservatives, with all the fireworks to match.  I think some of the most interesting commentary on everyday life can be found in the comments sections of small papers around the United States.

I see from an official obituary that Brenda Light was originally from Olton, Texas, which is why these two men bothered with that paper in the first place.  The official obituaries do include references to Barry Giles' husband, John Gambill, who based on his Facebook page, appears to be a pretty interesting guy.

A quick Google tells me that this story is pretty hot right now.  A whole bunch of newspapers have picked it up, as well as a few other bloggers like me.  However, it seems like the best place to get the actual scoop is on the newspaper's Facebook page.  At the very least, there are local people in there who are defending the paper, as well as interesting comments from John Gambill.  We'll see what new revelations come to light.  

Moving on...   

I'm trying not to freak out today because I took Zane and Arran to the vet on Friday to have their blood and urine tested.  Bill found suspicious looking pee in the living room that suggested there might have been sugar in it.  Neither dog is acting like they have diabetes, but sugar in the urine is not a good sign.  So hopefully, we'll have some good news.  Or... at least news that doesn't upset me.  Right now, both dogs are resting comfortably in bed... which is where I might decide to return in a few minutes.


  1. I get frustrated reading the bickering that goes on between people stating the "Truth" and actual "fact" or as I call it, "reality". I don't think either side ever convinces the other to change their point of view. Of course I am drawn to them, but eventually I realize I am just wasting my time thinking anything will change. Most people seem to change from within, not because of any argument they have heard or been involved with.

    1. You're right, of course. I often feel tempted to comment, but decide to take my comments to my blog, instead.


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