Monday, March 12, 2018


Something tells me that there may be another Duggar scandal before too long.  I don't actually follow them on Twitter or Facebook, but I am in a drama filled Duggar group.  Some of the people in that group are super sleuths.  Over the weekend, it seems Derick Dillard began shooting out some pretty loaded and controversial comments on Twitter and even posted that he's thinking of writing a book.

Now see... I don't know what it's like to have Jim Bob Duggar in my life, but it seems to me writing a book would be a pretty damn super way for some of those kids to break free of the bonds of Duggardom.  I know it's not something anyone would do lightly, since I get the feeling that Ma and Pa Duggar wouldn't hesitate to ostracize any of the children who became rebellious.  However, a whole lot of people would love to read a book about what really goes on in the Tinkertoy Mansion.  I know I would.

Lately, both Jinger and Jill have been rebelling a bit in the way they dress.  Both women have been shown wearing pants.  Jill is now sporting a nose ring.  Jinger has worn a sleeveless top and short skirt on camera.  Jinger's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, does not seem at all intimidated by Boob and even moved Jinger away from the family.  He's also smart and accomplished enough to be able to support her.

Derick also has credentials.  He went to college and developed legitimate skills as an accountant.  Yes, he's kind of gone off the rails lately and has said some very controversial things.  But I have a feeling that he may be saying some of those things as an act of rebellion against Boob.  I sense there's resentment boiling under the surface.  Making statements about Jazz Jennings, pissing off TLC and its fan base, can't be good for Boob's bottom line or the family's reputation.  I think it's possible that there might be a method to Derick's madness.

When I first saw Derick on 19 Kids and Counting, I liked him.  He seemed reasonable and sane.  As time has gone on, a different side of him has emerged.  While I think it's possible that he's as big of an ass as he seems to be, I'm beginning to wonder if his most recent behavior is due to stress.  He implies that he didn't get paid to be on the show.  His second son, Samuel, seems to have had medical problems that landed him in the NICU for two weeks.  We know that was expensive.  Derick himself has had some health problems.  He's an adult, so he must have responsibilities to take care of.  But if Boob kept all of the money from the show and Derick and Jill were constantly being required to star on it, that would be very stressful.

There is no telling what kind of pressure the Duggar kids and their spouses are under.  Boob has always struck me as a narcissistic and hyper-controlling person.  I'm sure the guys who have married Duggar women are under a lot of pressure to toe his line.  He probably interferes in their lives a lot.  I'm sure more than one of them is getting sick of being controlled by Boob.  Maybe there will soon be a revolt.  Maybe one of the husbands is smart enough and ballsy enough to buck against Jim Bob and his tight rein on his family.

I have a feeling that it all comes down to being prepared to lose.  In my experience, when you're going up against a bully like Jim Bob, you have to be prepared to lose friends and family.  You have to be ready to go your own way.  I'm sure a lot of the people in that family don't feel prepared to break away because of the way they were raised.  It seems very cult-like.  But if you have had experience outside of the cult, you know life can go on outside of it.

Incidentally, yesterday, the following photo came up in my Facebook memories.  I shared it in the Duggar group and at least one person thought it was satire.  However, given what I've read about some fundamentalist groups, I think there are a lot of fundie people who subscribe to this mindset.

If the Duggars follow this mindset, then the daughters are obliged to "respect and obey" their husbands, not Boob...

It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, comes from Derick's comments about writing a book.  I hope he does it.  I hope he tells Boob to go screw himself.  But, I also know that if he does do that, it's likely that he and maybe Jill will be ostracized.  But then, if he and Jill love each other, maybe it'll be worth it.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.  It's not a punishment to be shunned by assholes.