Saturday, March 31, 2018

Rampaging vegans who post on threads about bacon...

Full disclosure.  I actually kind of admire vegans for being able to enjoy a meat free diet.  I wish I could be more like them.  I think it's cool that they are so ethical and health conscious.  What I don't think is cool is when they decide to preach to other people about their dietary choices.

Last night, a friend of mine posted the following picture, which appeared on The Humor Train's Facebook page.

Personally, my vote would go to either three or four.  I don't like really crispy bacon.

You would think a thread like this would attract just the people who actually enjoy bacon.  I know when I see anything about mushrooms, especially if there is a picture, I hide it.  But no... this photo was an invitation for a bunch of vegans to come out and spread their humorless sanctimony to the masses.  I must admit, some of the responses from meat lovers were rather interesting and many were flat out hilarious.  There are too many to share in this post.  

Here are a few choice shaming comments from vegans...

I bet none of you have ever had tofu.. the first time I had it I hated it.. but it wasn't prepared properly.. When it cook right it take on the flavour of the spices etc that you use.. and the best part is, that no innocent animal has to die.

Tofu isn’t a living sentient being... pigs are more intelligent than dogs. Eating pigs cause obesity, heart disease, it’s a CLASS #1 carcinogenic that has been proven by the WHO to cause cancer, and many other nasty health issues. Why are we feeding this to our families again?

The perfect bacon is number “0”. No animal needs to suffer and die for us to enjoy food or be healthy. Get some veggie bacon instead. All the crisp, smoke, texture, etc. None of the torture, carcinogens, cholesterol, or other nasty stuff.

There is no reason to be consuming or creating bacon. The only reason to be doing so is if you are in support of and love abusing others. This is sick, this is wrong and any clear headed individual knows this to be fact.

none of them because that's a murdered innocent pig. sick minded people on here debating what one is "perfect" y'all are a bunch of psychopaths. enjoy the diseases that happen because of animal based eating (type 2 diabeties, cancer, heart disease)

Look... I get that vegans are passionate about their cause.  I even admire their cause.  But what the hell are they doing on a page called The Humor Train?  Most of them had nothing to add but doom and gloom about cancer, diabetes, and cruelty.  
But then... we had a comment from an abortion activist.  There's one in every crowd!  This person was a male, by the way.  He'll never need an abortion. 

funny how people will cry and complain about a pig being slaughtered for bacon. But yet will sit back and say absolutely nothing when MILLIONS OF BABIES ARE BEING KILLED EVERY YEAR. for no reason. Shame on you!

Some of the meat lovers responded with humor.  Some with indignation.  My comment was simple.  I posted "Life is 100% fatal for EVERYONE... including vegans."

I think people should enjoy their time on Earth.  If that means you end up with a chronic disease due to your lifestyle choices, maybe some scintilla of that memory will stay in your head for the next go round.  That is, of course, if there's such a thing as reincarnation, which there probably isn't.  I'm not sure what happens when a person dies.  My guess is that there's a lovely show and a rush of endorphins as the lights go down.  That might explain why both my grandmother and my dad had big smiles and looks of amazement on their faces as they passed the bar.

I have kind of a bad attitude about living anyway.  I figure the less time I spend down here, the better it is for everybody.  So I'll keep eating bacon and drinking beer until it's time to be beamed up out of here. Rampaging vegans can go sit and spin.


  1. Whatever happened to live & let live? If my life is not I fringing on yours what right do you have to judge me? I am sick of sanctimonious people. Facebook is full of people who believe it is perfectly ok to attack one another. The state of society is hostile. It is rarity to find anyone to have a real conversation with about anything. You can't even put up a post about bacon without controversy and judgement. In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, "Good grief!"

  2. There's a woman who's in my cohort who is a vegan. When we started the program, she used her veganism as something of an attention-getting device (she's a bit of an attention whore) but not being overly pushy about her beliefs. she gradually got to the point that she had to tell anyone who dared eat meat in front of her that she was offended. My brother and a few of the other guys would go out of their way to find the meatiest lunches they could buy and wave them right in front of her face. The funny thing is that she's even less healthy than I am. Her cholesterol is through the roof, and it's not her HDL that is high. My brother thinks she's a phony and that she eats meat and everything else on the sly. He thinks she was probably vegan when we started, but gave it up and won't admit it to anyone.

    1. Bwahahaha... I used to work with a woman like that, only she stopped eating meat because of her husband. She'd eat meat when he wasn't looking.

  3. P.S. I would gladly live on bacon alone if my stomach would let me. i can eat it and do eat it, but not a whole pound at a time, which is what I would like to do.

    P.P.S. You sound depressed. Is there a doctor nearby who could look at the possibility of adjusting or switching your medication if depression is indeed the problem. (I'm not technically qualified to diagnose in person, much less over the Internet. I'm just making a wild guess.)

    1. No, I'm not depressed and I'm not taking any meds. I haven't needed those in a long time. I just have a crappy attitude about living, in general. Trust me, I know what depression feels like. If anything, I'm bored and a little anxious.


    2. Yeas, you would know. I'm sorry you're feeling anxious and bored.

  4. Meh... it's pretty normal for me.


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