Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pictures that made me guffaw...

Oh yeah... he's a real hero, alright.

Last night, I saw an old friend tag her nephew in a picture she shared.  This old friend and I met when we were teenagers.  She and her two older sisters were accomplished horsewomen.  That's how I came to know them.  I was good friends with the youngest and eldest sister; the middle sister didn't like me.  That's the story of my life.

When I was about seventeen, my old friend's eldest sister, then in her thirties, got pregnant.  She had a son.  I left for college not long after his birth, so I never met him or his younger brother.  When I saw that my old friend had tagged him, I got really curious.  He's now in his late 20s. 

From what I can tell, he's doing okay for himself.  Looks like he's involved in a very manly occupation.  Then I noticed he posted the above meme.

Granted, this meme was floating around about a year ago, before Trump was able to show everyone what kind of person he really is.  Actually, a lot of us who were around in the 80s already knew what kind of man he is.  I could give my friend's nephew a pass, perhaps, because he didn't exist in the late 80s and was a child in the 1990s.  And I know what kind of town he grew up in because I also grew up there.

I still think it's astonishing that so many people who otherwise have normal intelligence are posting this kind of shit on social media and agreeing with it.  Let's face it.  Donald Trump hasn't given up a fucking thing to "serve" the American people.  He still golfs at his own resorts any chance he gets.  And any "hope" he gave to Americans has mostly turned out to be a bunch of lies.

This morning, I saw yet another picture that made me guffaw for a different reason...

Damn right! 

The above picture was shared on God's page.  The very first comment came from a guy who tried to set God straight...

 IF it's a military parade, it's obviously NOT for people that dodged being in the military (and therefore NOT for Trump himself). Memo to "God": make sure that your thinking is right- before you're thinking "smite". (Geez, no wonder fewer people believe in you these days.)


Wow...  I am astonished by this person's lack of vision.  First off, if Trump truly wants to honor the military, he won't force them to be in a stupid parade on Veteran's Day.  Most veterans I know would much rather have that day off to spend with their families.  Seriously...  does this guy even know what goes into making a successful parade involving thousands of people and loads of equipment?  It will take military personnel away from more important work they're doing and waste a lot of money, mainly so Trump's ego can be stroked.  Not surprisingly, lots of people responded to this hopelessly naive fellow, who stubbornly responded to every rebuttal.  

Further down, someone posted this comment.

Stop shaming people who dodged the draft. If you refuse to fight in ridiculous wars you aren’t deserving of criticism, you are deserving of praise. There are 5,000 things to hit Trump on but being a draft dodger isn’t one of them. Not saying that he dodged for the right reasons either, but this kind of rhetoric just supports blind militaristic nationalism and we already have too much of that in America.


Uh... the military was probably better off without Trump in it.  However, if Trump insists on having a parade so he can show other world leaders America's massive military weapons cock, and he himself was never in the military, then yes, it's appropriate to shame him.  Trump would never lower himself to serve anyone anything... certainly not the American people.  He didn't dodge the draft because of an ideological difference; he dodged it because he's a selfish, cowardly man who couldn't be bothered to do his part.  And then, after he didn't go into harm's way to fight in a war, he had the audacity to make fun of prisoners of war and insult Gold Star families.  So no, he doesn't deserve a military parade, nor anyone's respect or praise.

The more I read of this, the sadder I started to feel that people in the United States fell for this man's promises and now we're all paying the price.  That being said, I'm not so sure the Democratic Party is a whole lot better.  The whole system is corrupt, but some leaders are more corrupt than others.  Trump happens to be a Republican, but he could have just as easily been a Democrat.  Too many Americans vote blindly-- a party over a person.  Trump is simply a vile person.  It has nothing to do with his politics and everything to do with who he is.  I just think it's troubling that more people don't recognize that they're being shafted.

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