Monday, February 12, 2018

The Sunshine Mafia...

I remember a few years ago, titling one of my posts "This is not the sunshine blog."  I wrote that post after getting multiple shitty comments on a post I wrote about Jessica McCord, a woman who murdered her ex husband and his second wife because she didn't want to share custody of their daughters with them.  The subject of Jessica McCord, and the nasty comments that came from my post about her, have inadvertently launched a number of posts on this blog, as well as a song.  

Alexis, who is probably my most devoted reader, read my "This is not the sunshine blog" post and said she'd like to start a blog called "The Sunshine Blog".   I couldn't help but be amused by Alexis's comment.  "The Sunshine Blog" probably would be a funny name for a new blog.  Hell, maybe when I get tired of being The Overeducated Housewife, I'll start a new blog with that title.  

For now, I just want to write about The Sunshine Mafia, which is yet another discovery I've made after hanging out on RfM.  Although I usually watch America's Got Talent when I'm living in the USA, I've been out of the country since 2014.  And so, I didn't see The Sunshine Mafia try out for the show.  However, even though I missed The Sunshine Mafia's turn on AGT, I have seen portions of a couple of their YouTube videos.  Evidently, they're LDS, although I haven't watched enough of their stuff to confirm that for myself.  The person who posted about them on RfM says they are, though, and s/he would probably know better than I would.

This is clearly a large family interested in making the big time in entertainment.  They try out for commercials and post videos about many aspects of their lives.  The Mom takes energy and positivity to an almost manic level.  They are on Facebook and Instagram.  Although they appear to be very happy, I find it kind of hard to stomach their videos.  There's something about them that seems kind of... I don't know... saccharine.  Moreover, too much exposure, especially of kids in large families, kind of smacks of narcissism to me.  But they do seem happy and that's a good thing.  They even got a write up in a newspaper.

I see they have a lot of subscribers, too, so I guess they're doing something right.

I guess people like this stuff...  I have a hard time watching the whole thing, but that's just me.

My Italian friend Vittorio has often told me that he thinks American culture is "weird-o-rama".  Vittorio is himself a naturalized citizen, although he has moved back to Europe and now lives in Germany.  I have to admit that after being abroad for a few years, I'm starting to agree that American culture really is weird.  

I'm probably just a cranky old bat, though...  

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