Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Joy Anna gives birth, Ensa Cosby dies, and Georgia's Lt. Gov. goes on the warpath...

After a few days of not much on my mind, I woke up to a trifecta of blog topics.  Fortunately, they aren't the kinds of topics that require lengthy posts.  I'm going to start with the latest Duggar news, because I know some of my readers are looking for that.

Apparently, Joy Anna Forsyth (nee Duggar) has given birth to her first child.  The ten pound three ounce boy was named Gideon Martyn Forsyth and he entered the world on February 23...  Or so that is the official story.  More than a few people have speculated that the baby was born prior to the 23rd.

Joy Anna, as you might have heard, has been the subject of nasty rumors that she and her husband, Austin, had premarital sex.  She allegedly got pregnant while they were honeymooning in Geneva, Switzerland.  Given that Joy is 20 years old and healthy, I suppose that's entirely possible.  On the other hand, she was awfully big early, especially for her first pregnancy.  Also, there's the fact that her wedding was suddenly rescheduled from October to May.

Personally, I don't really care too much if she and her husband fucked before they wed.  In fact, I'd say that's a pretty normal thing to do and perhaps even a sign that they haven't drunk too much fundie Kool-Aid.  It looks like they have a beautiful, healthy son with a somewhat normal name.  I'd say that puts them ahead of a lot of people, myself included.

Many congratulations to the happy couple, even though it was pointed out on Pickles' dynamite Duggar Facebook page that Joy looks like she could use a glass of wine... and she's not yet legally old enough to drink wine.  If she really did have a ten pound three ounce baby, more power to her.  I've never given birth myself, but the idea of that makes me wince.

Moving on...

This morning, Zane woke me up with one of his plaintive whines to go outside.  The first thing I saw when I checked my tablet is that Ensa Cosby, Bill Cosby's 44 year old daughter, just died of chronic kidney disease.  Although I can't be sure, I think she may have been the inspiration for Vanessa Huxtable, who was played by Tempestt Bledsoe, also aged 44.  I always related to Vanessa on The Cosby Show because she was my age and kind of a smart ass.

This would be Cosby's second child to die.  His son, Ennis, was murdered in a botched carjacking back in 1997.

Although there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Bill Cosby and his alleged penchant for drugging and raping young women, I never got the impression that he didn't cherish his children.  I'm truly sorry for his and his family's loss.  Ensa was a mother of one and much too young to die.

And finally...

I just read that Georgia's Lieutenant Governor, Casey Cagle (R), has threatened Delta Airlines, which recently cut ties with the National Rifle Association (NRA).  Cagle tweeted:

This seems rather "un-Republican" to me.  I thought they were against meddling in private business ventures...

I really never had much of an opinion one way or another about the NRA, at least not until recently.  With the most recent school shooting, I'm starting to think that organization is full of a bunch of thugs.  I also read how the NRA has sent letters to Wisconsin judicial candidates, demanding to know where they stand on gun control.  Choosing not to answer the NRA's demand means the candidates would get a "?" rating, which could be interpreted that the candidate is hostile to Second Amendment issues.

I get that the NRA is full of lobbyists and a lot of people's livelihoods are at stake, but the United States has a real problem with guns these days.  I think the NRA needs to be reined in for the sake of US citizens.  

In any case, it appears that Republicans, despite having extreme political power right now, are pretty desperate.  November is coming and people are PISSED.  I predict the next election could be very exciting.  We might see an extreme shift in power, which is probably why the NRA and people like Casey Cagle are so "up in arms" about protecting gun rights.

I realize that the Second Amendment was very important when it was added to the Bill of Rights.  In those days, though, our country and our government were both a whole lot smaller.  Guns, in those days, were not capable of killing dozens of people within minutes.  We didn't have dozens of children being murdered by crazed white male lunatics running amok with semi-automatic weapons.

Isn't it time our government actually worked toward making life better for all citizens?  I'm pretty sick and tired of these paid off flunkies in government being more focused on money than protecting the people.  Children should not have to fear for their lives simply because they go to school.  Something needs to be done.

As for Cagle, he sounds like a first class idiot, trying to force Delta to change its position.  Perhaps Delta's response will be to move its hub from Atlanta to another airport more in line with the company's vision.  Atlanta will still be a busy airport, but if Delta moves, so will a whole lot of jobs.

Honorable mention... 

Our fuckheaded president claims that given the opportunity, he would have confronted Nikolas Cruz, the Florida school shooting suspect, even unarmed.  This, coming from a man whose bone spurs prevented him from joining the military during the Vietnam era...  I only wish he would have been there and sacrificed himself.

What an asshole.


  1. Cagle kind of ruins the Republican chant of letting business run without interference from government, doesn't he? Apparently the NRA is paying him more than Delta.
    I would love to see an unarmed Cadet Bone Spurs run toward an active shooter in a school. He can barely walk his fat butt on a golf course without having a heart attack. Remember, only he can save us from the bad guys all over the world.

    1. Trump is a raging narcissist. It’s so obvious. I can’t wait until he’s out of office.

  2. Some Republicans, like Cagle, want to have it both ways in terms of government staying out of private business unless they personally have a beef with the agenda of a particular business. Then the rules change.

    Who knows when the Joyanna's child was actually born? If he was significantly early, Boob and Michelle know and have to deal with that knowledge whether it comes out publicly or not. That's enough to make me happy. I really hope the poor girl accepted some form of pain medication.
    The Duggar girls seem to have awfully large babies for women who don't have gestational diabetes. (I don't think any of them have announced having gestational diabetes.)

    Vanessa was my favorite Huxtable kid. I always read that the Cosbys were good parents. I'm sorry for their losses, and particularly for this recent one.

    1. A couple of states, my home state included, have invited Delta Airlines to move their headquarters. I think it would be great if they did.

      Joy's baby is very cute. I hope she's ready for the job of Mom.

      I always liked Vanessa, too. She was very witty.


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