Thursday, February 8, 2018

Does anyone else hate this?

Nobody wants to hug me and I don't need anyone to "like and share" to prove it.

Yes, I know... I know...  I need to get off of Facebook.  But how can I get off of Facebook when it eats up so much of my time and gives me ideas for blog posts?  I know, I could be working in a restaurant back in the United States or mopping floors or writing process recordings for clients.  Instead, I'm going to write about one of my pet peeves.  Here goes.

Does anyone else hate it when someone posts one of these?

Don't want to read it?  Neither do I.  For those who don't want to read, this is one of those boiler plate Facebook statuses shaming people into copying and pasting to prove their friendship.

I have seen this particular status shared multiple times this week; however, there are quite a few others that are similar, but not quite the same.  The one above is about mental illness, but I've also recently seen ones about cancer.  That one is posted below...

What is the purpose of this?

Tell me.  When you see something like this on social media, do you ever bother to read the whole thing?  Especially if you've seen it posted more than once?  I know I don't.  I dislike everything about these types of posts.  I find them manipulative, annoying, and, to be honest, they kind of make me wonder about the people who are foisting them on their so-called friends.  

Users are instructed to "copy and paste" rather than "share".  Why?  Because when you share, the only people who will see the post are your mutual friends with the original poster.  If you copy and paste, then all of your friends will see it, not just the ones you share with the person who guilted you into passing on one or more of these canned statuses.  

There was a time many years ago when I would pass along email chain letters.  It was when I was young and stupid.  Some people may debate whether or not I'm still stupid, but at least I got out of the habit of forwarding chain letters.  I had an excuse, too, since the Internet was relatively new when I was young.  It's now a part of most people's daily lives; ergo, most people should know better than to spread these things.  They don't have a purpose, other than to annoy others and eat up bandwidth.

No... it has no effect on curing or otherwise soothing cancer patients.  However, the lack of a second question mark on this meme is making me twitchy as hell.

I would probably have less of an issue with with originally written pleas about cancer and mental illness, especially if they didn't include the demand to "copy and paste" to "prove" one is a friend.  I don't respond well to guilting, and I don't think committing emotional blackmail is a very friendly practice.  If you don't think I'm your friend because I don't comment "done" or share your canned Facebook post, then maybe it really is time to hit the unfriend button.   

I do think it's worthwhile to educate and inform people about cancer and mental illness.  I agree that some folks should think more about it and try to be more empathetic towards sufferers.  But really, how empathetic can you be after reading a canned Facebook posted that has been shared by so many sheep?  If you can't be bothered to write something original and at least marginally heartfelt, why should I be bothered to respond with anything more than complete apathy?  Copying and pasting this shit is the very height of mindlessly apathetic behavior.

Please... won't someone think of the poor Facebook users who have to see this stupid shit on their timelines?  If I copied and pasted every time someone asked me to, I'd never have time to put anything original on my page.  Have a heart.  Please don't copy and paste.


  1. "Some people may debate whether or not I'm still stupid,"

    Nah, the only people who would think that are people who expect you to defer to their way of thinking.

    I hate these with a passion. I said so many years ago and got reprimanded by people for calling it emotional blackmail. I get angry now because I get duped into reading many of them because they start out innocent enough. It feels like a gigantic waste of my time. If you feel the need to educate people about a condition you or someone you know has, then talk about how it effects you each and ever day. I've learned so much more from people who share their personal experiences than any of this crap. Copy/paste/share does nothing.

    1. I just realized I vented about this last August, too. It was a different meme, but basically the same complaint. Time to come up with fresher material.

      As for the rest of it, you are so right. Tell me YOUR story. I will pay attention to that, as long as the writing isn’t horrible. The spammy chain statuses are nothing more than emotional blackmail.

  2. They're every bit as bad as those old fashioned chain letters, and they're a passive-aggressive attempt to publicly shame someone into pasting, sharing, or whatever.

    If someone must put the original message on his page, do so though many of them are stupid, but don't try to guilt others into clogging our pages with the same drivel. I'd rather read about someone's online gambling addiction, and I'm not all that thrilled about reading about online gambling addictions, either.

    1. This post has turned out to be surprisingly popular, even though this is the second time I have written about this practice.

  3. Hate is such a strong word and I rarely use it. In this case I will make an exception and totally agree with you.


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