Sunday, January 14, 2018

Naked and tan...

This morning, I woke up to yet another one of George Takei's Facebook shares.  This time, it was about Jordyn Jones, a mother of two gorgeous young children and Instagram model.  Ms. Jones is apparently young, pretty, and a lover of beautiful scenes.  She recently decided to share some pictures of her young progeny frolicking on the beach.  Naturally, the pictures ended up being controversial.

Jones's daughter, Winter Rose, and son, Wilde Atlas, are obviously healthy and beautiful.  Winter is also very tan.  That's apparently what got multiple people's panties in a bunch and led to a post being flagged and removed.  Looking at Ms. Jones's Instagram now, I can see that one controversial post that appears in the article I read is no longer showing up on Instagram.  It's a picture of Winter walking on the beach.  She's naked and has serious tan lines.

As someone who grew up in the 70s and 80s, it still boggles my mind what parents of today have to tolerate.  As a kid, I was often tan.  I spent time outdoors and didn't always wear sunscreen.  I can't tan anymore because I always burn.  But when I was a kid, I often had golden skin and people regarded it as healthy.  Of course, now we know that too much sun can lead to skin cancer.  I have had a couple of friends suffer from skin cancer; one even has melanoma, which is considered the most dangerous skin cancer of all.

Still... even knowing that, I can't help but feel a bit perturbed for Jones, at least regarding the negative comments she got regarding Winter's tan.  Some kids tan no matter what, even if you slather sunscreen on them.  There's no way to tell if Ms. Jones puts sunscreen on her daughter or how much.  It's annoying that some people appoint themselves the police in this issue.  Frankly, I am less concerned about tan skin than I am of seeing naked pics of kids posted on Instagram for the world to see and share.

I have posted about this phenomenon before and my opinion about it remains unchanged.  I don't have a problem with nudity.  For several reasons, I do think it's wrong to post pictures of nude children on social media.  The main reason I think it's wrong is because once you post a photograph, you lose control of where it will go.  The vast majority of people are not going to look at a naked picture of a young child and think of anything unseemly.  However, there are people out there who would love to have that picture for their collection.

Even if that picture doesn't end up on some pervert's hard drive, it seems to me that it's a violation of a child's privacy to post such photos online before they know what the repercussions might be.  Once you put something online, it has the potential to be out there forever.  Kids get harassed and bullied over everything these days.  What if those pictures are later used to torment Winter and Wilde.  Posting a picture of your naked daughter on the beach is asking for trouble that no one needs.

I read the comments on Takei's Facebook post.  Some were critical of Jones for the tanning and the nudity.  Others were shaming the shamers for even considering that the photos were inappropriate.  Let me be clear about where I stand.  Personally, I think the pictures are beautiful and innocent.  What I would be concerned about are those who don't see them that way.  Besides the perverts, there are the people who think every child needs an intervention from child protective services and never miss an opportunity to blow the whistle on anyone who doesn't parent the way they do.  Everybody has a cell phone these days... and most of them are capable of taking photos.  One false move and a parent can easily end up in the crosshairs of a government and legal intervention.

The nude picture of Winter was removed from Instagram; however, the person who wrote the article Takei shared was still able to get a copy and included it in his post.  Jones has now lost control of that picture.  Granted, it only shows the girl's side, but she's still naked.  Now, people all over the world have seen it, commented on it, and shared it.

I learned by watching Ricky Schroder's daughters on reality TV that someone who is popular can make a lot of money posting artsy pictures on Instagram.  I'm sure this is one reason why Ms. Jones is so free with photos of her family.  The pictures are beautiful, although I have to wonder if she does anything else besides taking pictures of herself and her kids doing everything from sleeping to cuddling.  Instagram must be lucrative.

I think it's fine to take innocent bath time pictures or even play pictures.  Just, for the love of God, keep the naked shots private.  Share them with trusted friends and family.


  1. i agree with you that it's of questionable judgment to post nude pictures of children on the Internet. i wouldn't post a nude picture of myself even because i=once you post it, you've probably lost control of it.

    Many children (not all, unfortunately) have natural protection from the sun and get very dark every summer. o/nce i lost my row-headedness but still had the tight curls, I was often though by strangers to be biracial. I no longer have the natural protection against sunburn. It disappeared when I was about 14. I now burn just by going out to check the mail. I don't understand why people would be so judgmental about a tan child. Surely everyone knows someone whose kid tans effortlessly.


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