Monday, November 13, 2017

The murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik...

After we got home from France yesterday, I sat down on the futon and started watching Netflix.  I was curious about one show I noticed that had a picture of a nun on it.  It turned out to be an original series about the murder of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a very popular English teacher at a private girls Catholic high school in Baltimore, Maryland.  The show is called The Keepers and it runs for several episodes.  I was surprisingly engrossed by it.

For all of my bitching about the Mormon church, I have to admit that the Catholic church has its issues, too.  It's pretty fascinating how a group of Sister Cathy's former students came together on social media to figure out what happened to their beloved English teacher back in November 1969.  I don't want to spoil the story for anyone tempted to watch this series, but I will say that it's really quite an amazing saga of many people coming together and working for justice.  If you click the link above, you will get the basic story of what happened.  I recommend watching the show.

Sadly, justice wasn't really served, but at least there's a clue as to what happened.  Makes me glad I subscribed to Netflix.  Maybe I'll finally watch Orange Is The New Black.

On another note, realizing that Sister Cathy died three years before I was born makes me feel older than dirt.  I can't believe how fast time flies when you're over 21.

I wish I felt more like writing today, but I don't have that much on my mind at the moment.  I've been trying to get through my latest book and it's taking longer than usual.  I've also been trying to avoid Trump supporters, which cuts down on the number of things I can complain about.  I should be back in my contact lenses tomorrow, though, and that will make it easier to write.      


  1. I'd started watching The Keepers a few months ago . . . I've got to get back into it. It was fascinating.

    1. Yeah, I really got sucked in. I finished it earlier today. Sad that so many real people were victimized, although it made for a fascinating story.

  2. I enjoyed The Keepers as well. Very well done, IMHO.
    With so many people responsive (and interested in) the documentaries on Scientology (which I consider a cult but many consider a religion) and, to a lesser degree, Mormonism, I wish ANYONE would expose all the dark, dirty secrets of other religions. They can start with Catholicism and how meticulously they hid child molestation and allowed predators to continue engaging with young people.

    1. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but when that woman was talking about the priest calling her a whore and then raping her... it blew me away. That poor woman was already victimized by a child abuser. It was pretty sick stuff. Bill cried.

      I feel lucky to have grown up in a very moderate church, though I am sure there’s abuse in Presbyterianism, too.


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