Thursday, October 12, 2017

What a Christlike message of love!

A Facebook friend of mine recently shared this comment he received on one of his videos about the LDS church.

What a Christlike message of love!

My Facebook friend, name of Mike, runs a YouTube channel called NewNameNoah.  He has posted a number of videos about "sacred" temple ordinances that has really gotten some church members in a tizzy.  Somehow Mike was able to smuggle a tiny camera into the temple, where he captured footage of what goes on in them.  He regularly gets hate mail from Mormons.  A lot of the messages he gets come from kids who have not been through endowment ceremonies and think the videos are fake.

The above comment comes from a guy named Dave.  Notice that in his rant, he engages in egregious name calling.  He refers to Mike as an "idiot" and a "fag", and says he's "feeble minded", "disabled", "paranoid", and a "spawn incest" (whatever that means).  He also calls him a "psycho douche bag anal reamer."  Dave writes that Mike is all of these things, yet he doesn't seem to know the difference between "your" and "you're" or "to" and "too".  And he also says he'd like to "kick Mike's ass", but he's not a violent person.

Wow...  this is exactly the kind of message that spreads Christian love, isn't it?

I took a look at Dave's YouTube page.  It was very interesting.  First off, it appears that Dave is quite the fan of weed.  If he is LDS, and it's not exactly clear if he is, I would imagine his bishop would be interested in his interest in pot and breweries.  Maybe he was raised LDS and is now inactive?  I don't know... but his liked videos do not seem very Word of Wisdom friendly.  Do the Mormons want to be defended by a guy like Dave?  I don't know.  My guess is that if he showed up in church, they might not be that friendly, at least not after the first visit.  Dave doesn't fit the mold.

Anyway, I guess if I were LDS, I might be offended by Mike's choice to spread videos about what goes on in the temple.  Before the advent of the Internet, Mormons were able to keep this stuff mysterious.  It might have even been one of the draws into the religion.  I can hear it now.  "We have these beautiful temples that you can't enter unless you are 'worthy'.  Get worthy and you can see what's in there."

But then you get in there, and you are confronted with this stuff.  Behold...

Evidently, Mike's picture is in a book warning security guards about his presence.  He was right under their noses.  I don't know about you, but the inside of this particular temple looks kind of like a hotel.

And here is a discussion by a former temple veil worker-- not Mike, but still someone in the know.

I have said it before and I'll say it again.  If you're happy as a Mormon, more power to you.  I think people should do what makes them happy, as long as they aren't hurting other people.  Some people think Mormonism is harmless.  I guess it depends on what one considers harmful or harmless.  Personally, I think any strict religion can be harmful, but that's just my opinion.  Any religion that expects its members to look and behave in certain ways can be dangerous to those who can't be what the religion expects.  In the LDS church's case, that would include homosexuals, transgendered people, or simply people who, for whatever reason, don't fit the mold.  They spend their lives being a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, a frustrating and fruitless endeavor.   

However, if you are LDS and you defend the faith by denigrating other people, calling them names, threatening violence, and insulting their intelligence, you aren't really setting the best example of Christ's love, are you?  And Mormons love to remind everyone that they worship Christ, not Joseph Smith.  If you want to make the church look attractive, you should be attractive, right?  Calling someone a "fag" because you don't like their YouTube videos is not very attractive.  

This song seems appropriate here.  Incidentally, I was introduced to Tim Minchin's magic by ex Mormons.



  1. Someday I will get into a temple with someone else's recommend. Right now I look young enough that I'd almost have to be doing my own endowment, and it would be hard to get my hands on a recommend of someone who has not completed her endowment yet. It comes up on their scanner.(It's conceivable that I could be married, but still my appearance would attract attention.) Eventually I will get in there for an actual session.

  2. It's something I really like to experience when i get the time. I have an LDS cousin who colors her hair blond as I do and who is cool enough to send me her temple recommend for a week when I want it. I'm not willing to rearrange my life to make it happen, but when the opportunity presents itself I'll do it.

    1. Insert 'would' between I and really; then it may make sense.

    2. I guess I can understand the curiosity. Before I met Bill, I wondered what the temple was like. Now that I know, I am glad I never experienced it.


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