Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Seewalds are slobs...

Yesterday, while waiting for Bill to come home from Africa, I happened to read a post by "Pickles" of Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray, a Facebook group that basically exists to "trash" the Duggars.  Pickles shared a recent Instagram post by Jessa Seewald, who now famously lives in the house where one of her brother, Josh's, sons was born on the toilet.  Evidently, Jessa is quite the slob and she's getting a lot of backlash about it.

Jessa posted a bunch of pictures of her messy house, along with a list of things she hasn't cleaned up. Some readers praised her for being "real" and caring more about people than how clean her house is.  Other people were totally grossed out and shamed her for not providing a hygienic place for her little boys to play.

I had a look at the pictures Jessa shared.  I will admit that I am, myself, kind of a slob.  I don't dust as often as I should.  Although I vacuum regularly, I don't always sweep or mop.  I tend to be rather half assed about cleaning because it just isn't that important to me.  However, I draw the line at sanitation. I probably wouldn't be totally grossed out by dust, since there's lots of dust in my own house.  But I would definitely be repulsed by someone's refusal to take out dirty diapers.

Yes, Jessa shared a picture of a pile of used diapers on her dresser.  She claimed they were collected within a twelve hour period.  How much time would it take for Jessa to throw out the diapers?  She could have done that and wiped down her greasy stove in the time it took her to post about what filthy slobs she and Ben are.

I totally get that there's more to life than cleaning.  It is important to spend precious time with people you love.  I know her boys won't be little forever, either.  Skip the vacuuming and dusting if you must, Jessa.  Leave the (clean) clothes on the bed.  I do.  But, for God's sake, throw out the dirty diapers!  Clean the toilet.  Don't leave dirty dishes sitting in the sink for weeks on end.  Take out the trash.  Wash the sheets (yes, there was also a picture of dirty sheets).  Don't leave Henry's dried spit up on your bed.

All of the aforementioned chores take just a few minutes, perhaps with the exception of washing the sheets.  In Germany, washing the sheets can take a long time because washing machines have much longer cycles here than they do in the States.  Also, many people line dry stuff here because they don't want to waste electricity.  Those who do use a dryer often use a condenser kind, which takes forever.  I am fortunate to live in a place where I can use a dryer that has a vent.  It still takes hours to get the sheets done, but I love clean sheets so much that I do them twice weekly.  I can't stand sleeping in dirty, stinky, greasy sheets like the ones pictured on Jessa's post.  Yecch!

My own mom is a neat freak.  Our house was always spotless, with the exception of my room.  I have always been comfortable with clutter.  But I am not comfortable with utter filth and squalor, and that was what I saw in Jessa's post.  I mean, doesn't that shit stink?  I can't stand the smell of poop, pee, and body odor.  It's just gross.  Clean that shit up, pronto!

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