Friday, October 27, 2017

Sex with the Grim Reaper...

Yesterday, I was playing the Sims 4, a new pastime that is eating up some of the time I used to spend engaging in the stupid online dramas.  One of my Sims is "insane".  She aged up while I wasn't playing her family, so she was assigned traits that turned her crazy.  She's probably my favorite of my Sims so far because she's totally nuts.  When she was a teenager, she'd lie in bed and cry herself to sleep because the game had assigned her a love of the outdoors.  When she'd go outside, she'd suddenly be happy.

Recently, the matriarch of my largest Sims family died of old age.  She was a mother of eight and the grandmother of many.  Her youngest had not yet reached teen-hood.  Right now, she's being raised by her older brother, who is still a teen.  A bunch of Sims witnessed the death, which occurred right after the matriarch came home from work.  She dropped right there on the sidewalk in front of her house.  The Grim Reaper showed up and sent her to eternity.

Afterwards, the Grim Reaper apparently decided to crash a picnic.  That's where he ran into Millie, my insane Sim.  Much to my surprise, they struck up a conversation and Millie even developed a crush on the Grim Reaper.  They were cloudgazing together, flirting with each other, and even embracing.  I had some thoughts that maybe one day they'd fuck, but then I spoiled the suspense by reading up on Sims sex with the Grim Reaper.  It appears that it can't happen.

My poor, insane, entertaining Millie will probably die a virgin or marry some guy that she drives crazy.  Or, perhaps she will turn into a vampire, since the game also randomly assigned her the ability to do that.  I don't actually like the weird creature Sims that the game designers throw in there.  I was quite a fan of the old Sims 2 franchise and I never turned my Sims into zombies, aliens, or vampires.  I prefer them to be normal.  However, I can't deny that the Vampire Sims are kind of interesting since they hide in plain view.

Millie was talking to this one Sims chick who, I could tell, was a vampire because of the way she swooped.  But I made Millie's dad, who is now also dead, flirt with the vampire and that pissed off Millie's mom, who is an evil Sim.  So now, the vampire won't come over to visit.  I will have to hook them up somewhere else.  Since Millie can't fuck the Grim Reaper, I think maybe I will make her a lesbian.  She and the vampire can get it on and adopt a baby named Carlos.

I never got into the Sims 3.  I tried playing it, but it turned me off.  I got out of the habit of wasting time with the Sims because I later bought a Mac.  For some reason, the game designers aren't as quick to provide content for Mac users.  

The Sims 2 kept me sane the first time we lived in Germany because in those days, we didn't really do Facebook and I didn't blog.  I spent hours playing and downloading custom content, which made the game a lot better, but filled up my hard drive.  I decided to play Sims 4 because I heard it was more like Sims 2 and I figured it would be a good way to distract myself while Bill was out of town.  It turns out I was right.  I can see myself getting hooked on the Sims again and buying all of the crap that comes with being a Sims addict.  It beats getting sucked into online dramas.

She's nuts!


  1. I am so incredibly ignorant regarding online games that I basically have no idea what you are talking about. Still, I get your affinity for insane characters. It reminds me of one of my favorite childhood books, "Harriet the Spy." One of the people on Harriet's regular spy route was an elderly psycho hypochondriac who refused to get out of bed because she was sure she was dying even though nothing wrong with her could be found. Her doctor got the bright idea of telling the woman she was dying and must remain in bed. With that directive, the formerly decrepit woman immediately juped out of ned and began an active life. It's the same kind of crazy as is the woman in your game.

    I saw the "Harriet the Spy" movie when it came out. I liked it in a way because I like Rosie O"Donnell as an actress. (I don't always agree with how she treats people or everything she says except about Trump, but I find her a sympathetic actress.) The one thing I didn't like about the movie was that the book itself was so quintessentially New York, which was a large part of its charm. The producers turned the setting into a small-to-mid-sized town. It was probably easier to film in that setting, and the views -- especially of the changing colors of the leaves in the park when the kids were leaf-- fighting just before someone found harriet's diary, were beautiful, although the leaves in Central Park are probably striking as well in the autumn.

    In any event, crazY makes for an interesting character,

    1. Sadly, Millie's younger brother disappeared when their elderly mother died because kids can't live alone. I had already moved Millie out of the house. I had her adopt a daughter yesterday. I have a feeling that kid is going to be fucked up.


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