Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pregnant again...

No, not me...  I will never be pregnant.

I'm writing about a woman named Janis, author of a popular blog called Little Peas In My Pod From God.  Some years ago, Janis was a popular topic on the Recovery from Mormonism web site.  She was raised atheist, then turned Christian, then tried to be LDS.  She seemed to be perpetually pregnant, too, and was homeschooling/unschooling her kids.  Some people thought she was nuts.  I just thought she was entertaining.

For awhile, Janis posted on RfM.  At first she was friendly and even kind of funny, but then she apparently got turned off by the tone of some of the posters.  For awhile, she quit blogging, even though her blog was very popular.  I see on her page that she stopped writing in 2013 and started up again in May.  Frankly, I am astonished at how she keeps such a trim figure.  She must do all the right things.  I would guess she is genetically blessed, too.

In reading her first post in four years, I see that Janis's husband, father of their eight kids, had a vasectomy, which they later had reversed.  Although the reversal didn't appear to be as successful as they'd hoped, Janis got pregnant anyway.  She is now pregnant with her ninth baby, a boy they plan to call Finnley.  And I see now they are in Oregon, rather than California and are growing organic vegetables.

It actually looks like an idyllic existence.  I would love to own a farm somewhere in a picturesque area.  Unfortunately, I don't know if we'll ever have a house of our own.  Maybe someday, when Bill is ready to get out of the business he's in, we will be so lucky.  But for now, we're stuck in renting hell.

The good news is, our finances are looking great.  I expect to be finished paying off student loans in about a year.  I can hardly wait to be finished with that... and we'll be about nine years ahead of schedule.  I started paying on my consolidated loans in 2002 and was scheduled 25 years to pay them off.  We are way ahead of time, which is very comforting... especially as I continually read about people who get into educational debt and end up financially ruined.

Once those loans are gone, we are free to put that money to work elsewhere.  Neither Bill nor I were ever particularly good with money, but we have more of it now than we ever have before.  That's a good feeling.  At least I can do finances right.

I am giving some thought to diversifying our stock portfolio, even though I don't actually know that much about what I'm doing.  So far, we've made over $1,000 on our rather conservative investments.  That's not much in the grand scheme of things, but it's $1000 more than we would have otherwise had.  We will need a bunch more thousands before it's time to buy a home, though... and we have to decide where we want to be.  And as long as 45 is in office, I'd prefer to stay out of the States.

I guess somehow Janis and her husband are able to make things work so they can live the lifestyle they choose.  I don't know how they do it, but I admire it.  Everyone should be able to live they way they want to, within reason.

Anyway... it was good to catch up on Janis's story.  Yeah, a lot of people on RfM think she's nuts, but I like her.  She's a good sport.  I wouldn't want to have so many kids, but it looks like that lifestyle suits her.  More power to her and her family.



  1. I'd forgotten all about Janis. I'll have to read her blog again.

    Do you know if Janis and husband earn their living as full-time farmers? If so, according to my aunt, there's no way of knowing by how their lifestyle looks this week that they won't be filing for Chapter 12 next week. My aunt and uncle built their financial empire (and it really is a bit of an empire; I'll never own one-tenth of their holdings) the hard way. They lived on my aunt's salary from Pacific Bell for fifteen years while starting their dairies, and then had the money to buy other properties and cows. They resent the ease with which the government lets large-scale agricultural operators repeatedly file for bankruptcy while holding onto major assets.

    1. I think her husband is still a police officer.


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