Sunday, October 8, 2017

Parents who don't know when to STFU...

I have an old college friend who is now a Facebook friend.  I have written about him before, but I don't want to put him on blast.  I truly think he's having a rough time of it because he's a single dad raising a four year old alone.  His wife died a few years ago, when their daughter was about one year old.

My friend hates Donald Trump with a flaming passion.  I don't blame him for that.  I hate him, too.  However, he is always posting Facebook statuses about his little girl, who is clearly very bright and is picking up on his anti-Trump vitriol.  The other day, he posted this...

C:. Daddy I want to be a police officer.

Daddy:. Why?

C:. So I can arrest Donald Trump.

Real conversation.

My friend is quite proud of his daughter for saying this, by the way.  He thinks she's brilliant to come to this conclusion.  I will agree that she's probably very bright.  Her mother had a doctorate in nursing and her aunt, my friend's sister, has a doctorate in sociology and teaches at a university.  

Now, let me remind you once again, this little girl is just four years old.  When I was four, I had no idea what politicians were, let alone who the president was.  Hell, I lived in England when I was four, so England felt like home.  The point is, though, he has a very young child and she should be focused on things like learning the alphabet and playing with her friends.  She should not be concerned with Donald Trump and his cronies.

I won't tell him this, of course, because I fear it would fall on deaf ears.  Also, other people have already spoken up about his decision to indoctrinate his daughter with his rabid anti Trump views.  I figure there's no need for me to do it, too.  However, I will go on record as saying that I agree with his female friends who are warning him to cut it out.  Life is tough enough as it is.  A four year old should be enjoying this time of constant discovery, growth, and blissful ignorance.  She'll be clued in on the evil politicians do soon enough.

Sorry... I know I shouldn't say this, because she's not my kid and I'm not a parent.  I just think it's common sense.  My friend needs to make some friends who can talk to him about this stuff.  Or he needs to find a woman to date or something... or get a shrink.  He shouldn't be burdening his little girl with political bullshit.  

It's not that much different than my neighbor showing me porn when I was a little girl.  It was way too much information for someone who was not old enough to understand it.  In my mind, laying the filth and sordidness of American politics on a little kid is not that much different than showing them naked adults and exposing them to filthy jokes... and making off color comments about their developing bodies.  My neighbor was violating me by exposing me to porn and helping me lose my innocence.  My friend probably wouldn't see it this way, but exposing a sweet little girl to the likes of the pussy grabber is forcing her to lose her innocence.

Seriously... give the girl some Legos or something.  Wait until she's older to fill her head with political stuff.  She has her whole life ahead of her to worry about such things.


  1. In my opinion it's a bad idea to express negativity toward elected officials in front of children who are essentially too young to get anything but modeling in the art of name-calling from the discussions. around seven or eight is probably about the very youngest a child should be who hears much of such talk, and only then if the child is pretty bright, and even then it would usually be a good idea to at least attempt to present both sides of the political spectrum.

    1. Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately, we now live in a society where kids hang around adults more than ever and when you have someone like Trump in office, they're probably going to hear more than they should. My friend is very lonely and needs some adults to talk to.


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