Sunday, October 29, 2017

My eye hurts...

Lately, I've been having trouble with inflamed, itchy, watery eyes.  At the same time, I hate wearing my glasses, so I've been struggling with my contact lenses.  I wore my lenses for a couple of hours yesterday and am now paying the price.  My eyes are all bloodshot and the left one is actually pretty painful.  It hurts less when I close my eyes.  I'd like to be sleeping in a dark room right now, but the dogs kind of kicked me out of bed.  So here I sit with a stinging red eye that is watering like a faucet.

I need to get in to see an eye doctor anyway, because I need a new prescription.  It's a pain in the ass, though.  I wish I'd had my eyes lasered.

I guess blogging today is going to be a bust.  It hurts to see.


  1. With my lack of qualifications to diagnose even if I were to see you in perso, I'll make a wild guess of conjunctivitis, with allergic reaction being the rule/out. Iritis or uveitis are long shots. In any case, having worn contacts would worsen the condition.

    Good luck and I hope our eyes soon feel better. if you were here, I would illegally hand you my unopened tube of Tobradex ointment. It's a miracle eye treatment. It's probably called something else in Europe.


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