Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Keep it simple, stupid...

Here's another brief blog post for today.  It's a rant on behalf of my teaching friends.  I am inspired to write it because a friend of mine is in graduate school.  She wants to know if her professor will be a stickler about the number of pages required for a paper she's writing.  My friend has written seven pages, while the professor only asked for six.

I want to tell her there is a reason why teachers and professors limit the length of papers.  Your paper is not the only one that must be read and graded.  If every student added an extra page to their papers, that would be a lot more work for the professor.  If he or she has sixty students in a class, that's another sixty pages to read.  Granted, not everyone is going to go over the limit, but I think you get my point.

Many people, myself included, could use some practice in word economy.  When I wrote reviews for Epinions.com, we would occasionally have a contest called "Lean n' mean".  The object was to write a complete review of a product in under 500 words.  Although I generally hated the Lean n' mean challenge, I did find it to be a good exercise.  Time is money.  People don't usually want to spend their time reading more than they must.

Find a way to be brief.  Get to the point.  Find some words to eliminate so your paper is complete, but still at six pages.

This response is probably still too long.

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