Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jesus Christ, yesterday sucked!

Because I am several hours ahead of a lot of my friends, I got the tragic news about Las Vegas before most of them did.  As they were waking up to the horrible story about gunman, Stephen Paddock, and his decision to rain fury down on crowds at a country music festival, I had been sitting with the news for most of the day.  Paddock is dead now.  He cowardly killed himself before police could get to him.  Maybe that's a good thing.  US courts will be spared having to try him.  Over fifty souls exited the world with Paddock and hundreds more were injured.

Just as I was about to go to sleep last night, I got word that rock star Tom Petty had died.  I am a fan of Petty's music, though there are plenty of people who like him more than I do.  Still, it made me sad to hear that he'd had a massive heart attack.

Then I woke up this morning and media outlets reported that Petty wasn't dead; he was "clinging to life".  News of Petty's death was evidently premature.  There was renewed hope that maybe a much beloved rock star might live.  Unfortunately, it was not to be, and Tom Petty was confirmed dead about fifteen minutes ago.  He had family, friends, and bandmates around him as he passed from this world.  To be honest, I was not at all surprised to hear that he did die after all, although I had been holding out some hope that maybe things weren't as grim as they sounded.

I guess Tom Petty was destined to be a star.  Don Felder, formerly of The Eagles, was one of his first guitar teachers.  Once he learned his way around a guitar, he used it to recover from what was reportedly an abusive childhood at the hands of an alcoholic father.  Although I will never be a rock star myself, I can relate to using music to recover from abuse.  Making music is one thing I do to feel better.  Writing is another, although sometimes I wonder if either pursuit is worth my time.

I am truly sad that Tom Petty died.  I do enjoy his music.  In fact, just last week his song "Listen to Her Heart" came on my iPod as we were driving home from a fest in a town called Weil der Stadt.  I remember listening intently to the words and thinking they were incredibly poignant and kind of sweet.  Tom Petty always seemed to have heart where a lot of rock stars don't.

"Listen to Her Heart" performed live in Petty's hometown of Gainsville, FL.

I can't even say "Listen to Her Heart" was my favorite of his songs.  There were quite a few I liked and some more than others.  Anyway... it really sucks that Tom Petty joins all of the great musicians who have died recently...  just makes this world a shittier place.

For me, personally, yesterday wasn't so bad.  I mean, yes, it was awful to read about the horrors in Las Vegas.  I have a cousin who lives there with his husband and a few friends there.  None of them were physically harmed by Paddock's madness, though it's got to be psychically traumatizing to be in Vegas right now.  Actually, I think living in America must be very traumatizing right now, although it's probably largely due to the media.  I am not there now, but I read about Trump and his insanity every day and it's very worrying.  But I didn't necessarily have a bad day until I heard about Tom Petty.

Lately, I have been slowly unloading my exposure to stimuli by unfollowing groups and people who stress me out.  It has helped a lot, especially not arguing with people online and not getting involve with drama.  I suppose the next step is to stop reading so much news.  All it does is depress and worry me, anyway.  It's not like there's anything I can do about how much the world sucks.

Speaking of sucking...  Pat Robertson does.  It's really too bad no one is reporting his death.  Behold...

Sorry, Pat, but I will respect Trump when he starts behaving in a respectable manner.  That will never happen.  It is unbelievable to me that some people think Donald Trump's behavior is appropriate or admirable.  

You know what?  It's not my fault Stephen Paddock went off the deep end and opened fire on all those people.  We may never know why he did it.  There's no telling.  But to blame people who dislike Trump for Paddock's decision to kill and injure so many people who were just out having a good time is absolute bullshit.  Shame on Pat Robertson for even saying that shit.  

It's raining this morning.  I hope it rains all day.  I'm in the mood for a good rainstorm and my mood is matching the weather today.  Rest in peace, Tom Petty...  your work is done now, but you will be missed.


  1. Tom Petty's death is indeed a loss for the world. we were all fortunate to have shared the planet with him for a time.


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