Sunday, October 8, 2017

I lust to be a homeowner...

I am so sick of being a renter that I fear I may succumb to the temptation to go back to the States so we can buy our own house.  Part of the reason I want to buy a house is because I am tired of dealing with landlords and their stupid shit.  A bigger part of the reason I want a house of my own is that I want a horse, a donkey, and more dogs... and I want to put roots down somewhere.

Unfortunately, this is where we are now because of Bill's work.  We will probably be here for a couple more years at least, although if the landlady doesn't get off our case, we may not stay in this house.  I do love Germany, but I am pretty tired of this nomadic lifestyle and having to put up with landlords and property managers.  I want a house like we had in North Carolina or Georgia, where neighbors are scarce and most people leave you the fuck alone.

Of course, when we do move back home, I will miss Europe.  It's a given.  I do love living here and I love traveling.  But I am also ready to have my own space.

*Sigh*... I'll keep socking money away and the dream will be real someday, I hope.



  1. Please excuse my ignorance as i know nothing about donkeys. would you want the donkey as a pet, a pack animal, or for riding purposes?

    1. I would just want one as a pet. When I used to have a horse, there was a donkey at our barn who was basically used for company when one of the horses got sick or needed to be in isolation. She was not very tame, but she was a good babysitter for the horses.


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