Friday, October 6, 2017

An update on Trainwrecks Online...

Last September, I wrote about a family I discovered through a former Facebook friend.  Sometime over the past year, I deleted the guy who alerted me to this family's existence, mainly because I didn't know him personally and a lot of his posts were annoying.  He was a Mormon massage therapist who was constantly arguing politics and was surprisingly liberal.  However, "knowing" the massage therapist briefly on Facebook caused me to become acquainted with his relative's tragic story.

A year ago, the massage therapist dude posted a GoFundMe page for his nephew, Scott, and Scott's wife, Michelle.  It seemed that Scott's and Michelle's three month old baby had died in a freak accident.  I was curious, so I took a look at the page, which was created to raise money for the baby's funeral.  Apparently, the baby died because he had been left on a blanket with a bottle while the mom was cooking dinner.  Somehow, he also got ahold of chewing gum and choked on it.  I'm not sure what the exact story is at this point... the short version is that the baby asphyxiated.

Now... that, in and of itself, would be rather sketchy.  But it turned out the baby was the youngest of eight kids.  His mother somehow had time to write despite having so many young children.  She had a newly created blog that was dedicated to her life as a stay at home mom.  It appears she started the blog about a month before her youngest baby died in his accident.  Within twelve hours after the baby's death, she posted about it on her blog.

The blogger was surprisingly candid in her writings and explained that of her eight kids, one had autism, one had "brain troubles" before birth, one had a broken leg as an infant, and another had a broken neck.  And now, her youngest had died of asphyxiation.  That seemed strange to me, so I posted about it on RfM.

Some people on RfM said they knew families like this one... huge families chock full of kids that were constantly having some kind of crisis.  More than one person predicted the mom would have another baby.  In time, I forgot all about this family and moved on to other topics.  Then yesterday, I was reminded of them again.

Yesterday, I was reading up on former Major General David B. Haight, who used to run EUCOM (based in Stuttgart), but was publicly disgraced and fired last year because he had been engaged in swinging for eleven years.  The former general is now a retired lieutenant colonel, because the committee who decided on his punishment determined that he was a lieutenant colonel when he last performed adequately on the job.

In the course of reading about the general, I came across a blog about him.  I don't know who created the blog, but the format was the same as the blog written by the Mormon mommy I wrote about a year ago.  In one of the posts, there was a guy with the first name Melchizedek mentioned.  That also reminded me of the Mormon mommy because she had given all of her kids unusual and frequently Mormon names.  Just as an aside, I was actually a little taken aback by the blog about the general, since whoever created it was still referring to the man as a general.  Technically, he's now a retired lieutenant colonel and that is a well-publicized fact.  But anyway, the blog about Haight reminded me of the strange Mormon mommy blogger I discovered last year mostly because it had the same format.

Just out of curiosity, I went looking to see if the mommy had updated her very strange blog.  Sure enough, she had.  And sure enough, she has had another baby, a daughter.  Her most recent post was written a few months ago.  The entry before her most recent posting is about the whole family visiting the grave of the baby who died last year.  It would have been the baby's first birthday, so they brought balloons and cupcakes.  The mom blogged about what it was like when the baby died and shared a picture from the funeral.  Weirdly enough, she chose to post a photo of one of her sons looking very angrily at the camera.

I really don't want to be judgmental because I'm sure it's absolutely horrifying to lose a baby.  And I know kids have accidents and get hurt.  I don't know this family and have no idea what it's like in their house.  However, I have to say this family rings a few alarm bells.  I don't understand the mindset of constantly having kids, especially when the ones you've already had have so many serious problems.  I hesitate to say this family is nutty because I don't actually know... however, I definitely have my strong suspicions.   In one post, she comments that a doctor has called CPS on her, although I'm not sure if that was a one time occurrence.

A couple of people I have told about this blogger think she could have Munchausen syndrome by proxy, which is a condition in which a person purposely makes another person sick or hurts them solely for the sake of getting attention.  It's usually a mother making a child sick.  I have read a couple of very sad books about moms who do this.  The books are reviewed on this blog.  I don't know if that's what's happening in the mommy blogger's family.  It does look suspicious, but I hesitate to make a diagnosis because I am not qualified and I only know what I've read.  I can only form an educated guess.

I should probably stop reading this woman's blog and find something less disturbing... or at least better written.  I wish them luck...  or, really, I wish the children luck.


  1. Someone well-known in Utah and Mormon circles -- I think it may have been jon Huntsman, Sr., married into the Haight family.


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