Saturday, October 14, 2017

Adventures in doggy allergies...

I have a feeling our dog, Zane, is dealing with an allergic reaction.  The other day, Bill took him to the vet for his monthly allergy shot.  We missed last month's shot because we got too busy.  The vet checked out a paw Zane has been chewing on and gave us some spray steroids for the paw.  He's still chewing it and, within a few hours of his shot, I noticed his left eyelid was swollen.

He's been scratching at the area around his eye, so it's swollen and was bleeding a little last night.  The eye itself seems okay.  Since it doesn't seem to be passing, I'm going to take him back in to the vet's office.  I found a little bump under his eye, too.  I'm hoping it's a cyst and not another fucking mast cell tumor.  Bill may take him today to get something to tide him over until Monday.

My own eyes are still bugging me.  I've been wearing glasses all week, trying to let the redness heal.  I suspect it's also due to allergies.  I don't usually have prolonged eye issues.  I usually take a day or two off from wearing contacts and they heal.  This time, it's taking longer.

Tomorrow, Bill is going to Morocco for several days.  Meanwhile, I'll be here with the dogs, fretting over everything.

I did just download Sims 4, so that may capture my attention for awhile.  I didn't like Sims 3 and gave up on it quickly.  It took all afternoon to download Sims 4, so I hope it won't bore me.

Maybe I'll be inspired to write more later.  Today, we do have beautiful weather.  Hopefully, we'll be able to enjoy it.

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