Friday, September 15, 2017

We're staying busy!

I haven't had time to do any writing since we got on the Hebridean Princess.  We have been really busy visiting Northern Ireland.  Today, we are in Belfast.  We visited Hillsborough, where there is a castle that Bill and I didn't tour...  long story and I will write it on the travel blog when I have time...

This has been a good trip so far.  It's great to be out of Germany.  Aunt Flow is also about to vacate, so things are looking up.  I have to run now, because we're visiting the Titanic exhibition this afternoon.  I have been posting photos on the Facebook page for this blog.  I have a lot of Irish readers, so let me just say I am loving it here.  People are so nice!


  1. I've not been in Northern Ireland. Does it seem significantly different than does the republic?

    1. Not really. However, the currencies are different. We will get home tomorrow and I hope to start writing up the trip Thursday. I am now at a hotel by the Glasgow Airport, sick with a cold.

    2. I'm so sorry you have a cold on your trip.

    3. Me too. But it beats norovirus.


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