Monday, September 25, 2017

RIP Granniemose...

While Bill and I were on vacation, we lost a very sweet online friend.  Her name was Virginia, but I always thought of her as Granniemose.  That was her handle on the now defunct review site, Epinions.

Bill and I had the pleasure of meeting Granniemose in the summer of 2003.  We were newly married and living in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  A friend on Epinions invited us to a bar in Richmond, where a bunch of Epinions folks were going to meet up.  It happened to be karaoke night, though I didn't do any singing.

Anyway, Bill was very tired from working all week at the Pentagon and not getting any sleep.  He didn't want to go to Richmond and hang out in a bar, especially since it was about an hour away from Fredericksburg.  But I sweet talked him into going and we had a great time.  Granniemose was there, just as sweet and delightful as any stereotypical grandmother.  That was the only time I ever met her in person, but neither she nor I ever forgot it.

I used to love reading Virginia's reviews on Epinions.  One of my favorites was one she did for UHaul.  I seem to remember she was moving from one daughter's home to another and had a bad experience with UHaul.  The exact title of her piece may be escaping me, but it was something like "Moving?  I suggest UHaul your fanny somewhere else!"  She had a fantastic sense of humor.

Years later, Virginia joined Facebook and we were Facebook friends.  She would often leave me cheerful comments or post endearing statuses.  Her family clearly adored her, including her granddaughter, Katrina Bowden, who is now a well-known actress.  I don't follow Katrina's career, but I do remember Nigel Barker talking about her on America's Next Top Model.  Then later, Virginia commented on how hard her granddaughter works in show business and how proud she was of her.  That was when I realized yet another tenuous connection to a celebrity.  ;-)

Sometimes Virginia would disappear for awhile.  She was quite elderly and had some health problems that needed to be addressed.  She would always eventually come back, as sweet and cheerful as ever, and apologize for her absence.

While we were on our cruise, one of Virginia's daughters asked for prayers for her mother.  At age 95, Granniemose's body was starting to give out.  We got the news that she passed away on September 14th, just eight weeks before she would have turned 96.  It seems kind of fitting that I saw many rainbows that day, as we enjoyed Northern Ireland.

Granniemose will always have a warm place in my heart.  She was such a dear woman and I only wish there were more like her.  But, I guess the fact that she was so dear is one reason why she was so very special.  We are all so fortunate that she lived for so long and had the ability to touch so many people, far and wide.  Her Facebook page is now overflowing with tributes.  It's hard to believe a woman who was born so long ago would be commemorated in such an incredibly modern way.  

Rest in peace, Granniemose.  You are missed and much loved.

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