Saturday, September 30, 2017

More on the school library debacle... and Donald Trump is a cretin...

Heavens to Betsy!  It seems that a lot of people are raining down shame on Liz Phipps Soleiro for publicly rejecting Melania Trump's gift of ten books by Dr. Seuss.  I suppose it makes sense that so many people want to condemn the librarian.  On the other hand, it seems like many folks in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Cambridgeport Elementary School is located, fully support the librarian's comments.  It seems to me that if most of the people in the local community supports the librarian's decision, that's all that really matters.  After all, it's the kids in that community who would be directly affected.

I stand by my own opinion that it was tone deaf for Mrs. Trump to donate Dr. Seuss books to a very wealthy school district.  As wonderful as Dr. Seuss books are for kids, it's likely that such a well-funded school system already has more than one set of the books already.  There are plenty of other schools in the country that really could use those books and would appreciate having them.  Cambridge, Massachusetts is where Harvard University is, for God's sake.  I have never actually been to Cambridge, but I have been to a lot of college towns.  I know that they usually tend to be chock full of intellectual people who have equally intellectual kids.  Some of those kids probably mastered Seuss before they were out of diapers.

Granted, Ms. Phipps Soleiro could have been even more gracious in her rejection of the books.  Some people have said she could have quietly regifted them or used them for a service project of some sort.  That would have spared the librarian and Mrs. Trump (and the rest of America) this few minutes of shame fame.  On the other hand, I hesitate to say it's wrong for someone to raise controversy.  Controversies get people talking and changing their ways of thinking.  I also think a lot of the vitriol toward the librarian comes from the fact that Dr. Seuss is such a beloved and iconic part of so many Americans' childhoods.  So many of us grew up on Seuss.  How in the world could anyone criticize his genius?

Well, it seems that everything is open to criticism.  Have a look at this comment section from just *one* article about this mess...

Notice how quickly the comments turn personal and nasty...  Really?  Hoping a stranger on the Internet with whom you disagree is not a mother?  

Sometimes I read comments sections on these types of articles and have to fight the urge to leave a response.  It still amazes me that so many people love Donald Trump and think he's doing good things.  I am especially appalled by women who admire him.  They apparently can't see that he's a complete sod.

Yesterday, I shared an article on my Facebook page for this blog.  It was about Donald Trump in the years before he was leading our country.  Back in those days, he was a regular guest on Howard Stern's radio show.  During those shows, Trump regularly made disgusting comments about several women, notably the late Princess Diana.  He called her "crazy" and said he would send her to the doctor for an HIV test before he'd have sex with her.  And he assumed he could have sex with Diana... and that she'd willingly consent to bumping uglies with him.  According to British broadcaster Selina Scott, Trump pursued Princess Diana very aggressively and believed he had a "shot" with her.

This is a fairly benign comment, although it's rather egotistical for Trump to believe Diana would want to have anything to do with him.  

Given Trump's egregiously sexist comments about women-- including his wives and his elder daughter, Ivanka-- I can't believe he's in the White House.  I truly believe he is fucking things up and too many people in the United States simply don't care.  And given that Trump says these things, I can understand why people have a soft spot for Melania.  Frankly, I think she must endure Hell on Earth living with him.  And yet she chooses to stay with him.  

Truth be told, I have no way of knowing the condition of 45's current marriage.  It isn't my business anyway and I have enough problems of my own.  However, it IS my business that 45 is in office, fucking things up and embarrassing and humiliating Americans.  And again, the article I linked above has a comment section full of people being apologists for Trump's filth.  And also, perfect strangers turning ugly and making very personal, cruel, and hateful comments toward other commenters with whom they disagree.  It's very sad to see.

I really hope the people who write these comments aren't truly this nasty when they aren't online.  Otherwise, God help us all.


  1. He's a fraud. Trump doesn't love America, he loves Trump. Trump didn't seek the highest office in the land "To Make America Great Again", he sought the office for power & as another notch on the proverbial bed post. My reaction to him ia so visceral because he is a bully and a slime ball who is dragging America down. Trump spews hate, racism, sexism, and nothing but distaste for the majority of Americans. It boggles the mind that his supporters believe him to be a demi-god who does no wrong. I had my issues with Obama. I think Obama sat on the fence too much and let things play out without enough guidance, however he & his family were a far better reoresentstion of America than the freak show curtenyly in the White House.

    I have come to the conclusion that somewhere along the way many Amdricans decided that their vision of America is the only true and just reality. It is decidedly white, christian, with "traditional" male female roles. It is back to June & Ward Cleaver because they were the good ole days when America was great. Except they weren't great. Hidden I. The shadows was social injustice, racism, sexism, alcoholics masked as a few drinks to unwind everyday. They hid their problems behind perfect meals on the table and the hard working husband and dutiful wife. All the ugliness was shrouded behind a thin veil of white pickett fences and 2.2 kids.

    No thank you. I could never life under the stifle of yesteryear. I like being a strong independent woman with a brai. My husband does not tell me what to do not do I tell him. We listen to each other and make our path together. I fight the influence of talking heads and educate myself in order to form an opinion that is mine not regurgitated from FOX, NBC, ABC, CBD OR CNN. I also don't bueve everything I read on the internet.

    I try to read and listen too things that challenge by opinions and beliefa because I will continue to learn & grow. I respect other people's opinion because it is their freedom & right to have one. I cannot tolerate those who speak opinions and beliefs as facts. Facts are very different from opinions and beliefs. I also am smart enough to know facts can be twisted in order to sway you in a direction. Be wary of "alternative facts."

    I rant so much these days because conversations have turned into blood baths and civility is non-existent. I wager we are in the midst of an economic & social revolution. Change never comes easily. I pray that Trump is a one term President. I pray that cooler heads in the Republican party cinti he to prevail. It's gonna be a long 4 years.

    1. I just think it's so sad that so many people are determined to defend him. He is a terrible joke being played on the whole world. People who think he's making America great clearly are delusional.


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